Chicken McNugget Resembling George Washington Sells for $8,100 on eBay Auction

Looks like $8,100 to me? What do you think?

Rebekah Speight of Nebraska wanted desperately to help her church raise money toward the worship center’s goal of $15,000.  So, she decided to auction off one of her most prized possessions on eBay.  She put up a 3-year-old Chicken McNugget from fast-food juggernaut McDonald’s on the auction block.  But this was not any ordinary Chicken McNugget.  This one looks like George Washington.  God-fearing Speight put it online and left the rest up to fate…or God, if it doesn’t still offend you in 2012.  The intriguing fried chicken piece attracted some attention, with Yahoo! News reporting the story nationally shortly after the auction went online.  At that time, the leading bid was just a lousy hundred bucks, although that is still pretty impressive for a three-year-old Chicken McNugget.

eBay pulled her auction offline because of violations of its terms of service.  eBay said that it had firm rules against attempting to sell expired food products.  They relented in the end, determining that Speight’s auction was not being sold for consumption and to help her charitable cause.  The result was staggering.  After over 40,000 views and 71 bids, the mystical George Washington Chicken McNugget sold for an awe-inspiring $8,100.  Rebekah faithfully donated the entire amount to the church, staying in line with her original cause, and creating a great story.  Now, others are trying to capitalize on Ms. Speight’s gains.  There are actually George Washington-shaped Chicken McNugget magnets available online.  However, they probably won’t be for long, because while McDonald’s appreciates all the positive publicity from the incredible incident, they will be quick to pounce on any instances of copyright infringement.

So, the next time you open up a six-piece, you might want to use a little more imagination when checking out those nuggets.  You also might want to question why you are eating something that looks exactly the same three years later as when it came out of the fryer.  But that’s a story for another day, right?

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