Broadway Joe Says New York Jets Want Tebow For All the Wrong Reasons

Tebow Time moves to the Big Apple.

Joe Namath is synonymous with New York Jets football.  After all, he famously led them to their only Super Bowl title, the third one ever.  Now, he is criticizing his former franchise for their interesting decision to trade to acquire controversial quarterback Tim Tebow.  Joe says that the decision wasn’t about football at all, but part of the Jets seemingly endless desire for being a media circus.  Tim Tebow found himself on the trade block rather abruptly when Peyton Manning, released from the Indianapolis Colts after no doubt a Hall of Fame run, chose the Broncos as his new home in what was deemed the “Manning Sweepstakes.”

Tim Tebow just led the Broncos to the playoffs last season in dramatic fashion, and even won the hearts of the Denver faithful when he threw a touchdown pass to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round in overtime.  But “Tebow-time” quickly ended when Manning came knocking, and the John Elway-led team was ready to drop Tebow like a bad habit.  There was much speculation that Tebow might be a hard sell, but less than twenty-four hours later, the deal with the Jets was nearly done.  Now, Tebow has already helicoptered in to meet his new teammates and get to know the menacing biggest city of all big cities.  Will Tebow be a fit for the Jets?  The jury is still out.  Some think that it is a positive move.  Tebow can be a nice change of pace for the normal, straight-ahead pro style of starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, who just recently received an equally as controversial contract expansion, while also using his fan club to put pressure on Sanchez to deliver.

Tebow is truly a polarizing figure, and it’s hard sometimes to understand why.  On the surface, Tebow is anything but controversial, and yet controversy seems to follow in his wake wherever he goes.  Many teams would not have considered touching him just because of the media and fan spectacle he brings along as baggage, but the Jets are no stranger to controversy, or the media eye.  Joe Namath suggests that the Jets operate more like TMZ than a legitimate NFL franchise (he didn’t say that, but that’s what he implied).  But what do the Jets fans want?  That’s an easy one.  They want to win.  Is Tebow the answer?  As always, you be the judge.

No word on whether this move will make him more accessible to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Jenny McCarthy, or any of the other Tebow suitors?
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