BREAKING NEWS: Strong Earthquake Strikes Mexico City — Proof That the 188 Day Theory is Correct?

Mexico City was struck by a major earthquake Tuesday, March 20, 2012 measuring 7.6 in magnitude.  The extent of the damage is not known as this was reported as breaking news.  While there were no immediate reports of serious damage, the quake was felt over a fairly wide area.  A 5.1-magnitude aftershock has already been recorded as well.  Mexico City’s mayor used Twitter to keep people updated on the situation.  He reported that the city’s water systems are fine and other “strategic services” were unaffected.

We are glad that the quake doesn’t seem to be too catastrophic with what we know so far.  Now, we want to talk about some of the theories out there surrounding this earthquake which was actually predicted to strike within two days accuracy.  Back when comet Elenin was deemed by many conspiracy theorists to be affecting the Earth, a pattern was observed with the earthquakes.  Basically, every 187-188 days, another event would occur.  In keeping with this prediction, a major earthquake was to strike on March 21, making the Mexico City quake further evidence for this hypothesis.  It is also the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, which is coming the earliest in 116 years.

The main purpose of this communication was to let our readers know about the breaking news in Mexico City.  We will be dissecting the 188 days theory in more detail later this evening, so please check back to get all the details.  We are currently fact-checking a lot of the information surrounding this theory for authenticity.

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