BREAKING NEWS: 7.2-Magnitude Quake Strikes Chile — Within the Parameters of the 188-Day Earthquake Theory?

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the South American country of Chile.  According to the USGS, it hit hit about 64 miles west of the town of Talca, which is located in Central Chile.  Some of the coast is being evacuated for fear of a tsunami, although one is not expected to be created by the quake.  So far, there has been no damage reported, but this is early in the process.

This earthquake comes on the heels of a similar one in Mexico City just five days ago.  That earthquake was a little early to fit into the widely discussed 188-day earthquake cycle theory.  This one may get some press for also being further proof of the theory.  However, it has been 192 days since the last earthquake that is accredited to the cycle theory (Fiji, September 15, 2011).  As discussed in our popular article 187 or 188-Day Earthquake Cycle Theory Examined, the usual range for earthquakes under this theory has historically been from 186 to 190 days.  This one is two days later than that, so if the theory wants to claim this as proof, it will have to stretch its time window even further than before.

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: 7.2-Magnitude Quake Strikes Chile — Within the Parameters of the 188-Day Earthquake Theory?”

  1. This 188 day crap is just that, crap. These people want us to believe that they have somehow figured out a pattern to mother nature. Now for the few of us that understand that there is no way you can set a clock or timeline to these things have to wade through the sea of post (that by the way are all the same) about this 188 day nonsense.

    Give it a rest people, do your homework and maybe you all find out that the earth has a multitude of earthquakes every year and will continue to have them as long as she is rotating in space.

    Stop reading and believeing things posted by the EARTHQUACKS out there.

    Edit – I posted this under the wrong story before.

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