Woman Sues New York City for $900 Trillion

The actual court document from The Smoking Gun website that publishes things like this on a regular basis.

The national debt sits at an insurmountable $15 trillion, but that didn’t stop a Staten Island woman from suing New York City for $900 trillion dollars for the trauma she endured after her children were taken from her custody and placed in foster care back in 2008.  According to court papers, Fausat Ogunbayo, the 46-year-old single mother of two, suffers from an undisclosed mental illness and refused to use medication to treat it.  For this reason, her children, 12 and 10 at the time, were removed from her custody and relocated to Queens with a foster family.  Miss Ogunbayo had hallucinations and left her young children at home for hours by themselves.

There may have been a little paranoia involved too.  Miss Ogunbayo told her doctors that her children’s skin was darkening daily because of radiation (she didn’t specify the radiation source), and the FBI was out to get her and her children.  She is also her own counsel in court, promising for some very entertaining hearings in the upcoming legal saga.

For the record, in civil cases such as these, any amount can be requested in a lawsuit.  Obviously the outlandish amount of $900 trillion is beyond ridiculous, but perhaps she wants to send a resounding message to the world about the mistreatment she allegedly received.  After all, if she had sued the city for a more reasonable amount, the story surely would not have made international news.  Maybe it’s a calculated move, drawing attention to her situation.

Or, then again, maybe she’s just crazy.