Volcanoes on the Moon

That pretty moon could change one day when the volcanoes fire up.

Scientists have been working to find out what the inside of the moon is like.  After some serious X-ray investigation, they found out that it is strikingly similar to the Earth.  Beneath the surface of the moon is magma.  This was not considered a likely possibility in the past because the moon showed no signs of volcanic activity, past or present.  However, the magma inside the moon is heavier than the Earth’s.  This has prevented the formation of volcanoes. However, researcher Wim van Westrenen says the moon is cooling down, and that could mean a different story in the future.  As the moon cools down gradually over time, the magma could start to solidify, changing its composition over time significantly.  Eventually, the magma could become more dense and bubble up to the surface, causing the first live moon volcano.

It could take hundreds of thousands of years to happen, however.  No need to go out in your yard to watch for these anytime soon.