Richard Dawkins Acknowledges Existence of God — Not So Fast?

Richard Dawkins believes in God now?

Richard Dawkins is recognized by many as the “world’s leading atheist.”  That’s why Christians and other religious theologians are basking in the glory that Dawkins “admitted” that God exists in a recent debate with an Archbishop.  However, as is far too often the case, the parties that are celebrating a major victory in the God versus science debate are taking many of Dawkins’ comments out of context as well as overall missing the point.

While many websites are touting Dawkins’ comments as an admission that there is a God, a stunning revelation for a renowned atheist, this is an example of one party bending the comments to suit their own purposes.  In reality, all Dawkins admitted was that he cannot be 100% certain that no God exists.  That’s not really a startling admission…most atheists would probably say the same.  As a matter of fact, Dawkins himself has said in previous interviews that he doesn’t like to be referred to as an atheist, because he is more agnostic.  The difference is that atheism is the belief that there is no God, while agnostic is more rejecting of religion in general without making generalizations.  Dawkins is simply acknowledging that no one really knows for sure, so he is conceding that he cannot be 100% certain there is no God, just as Christians and other religious affiliations cannot be 100% certain that there is.  That’s why they call it faith.  Richard Dawkins didn’t make some incredible revelation here, denouncing everything that he has stood for in his career.  He simply admitted an obvious fact, one that his detractors shouldn’t be so eager to gloat over, because the truth is, his comments work on both sides, regardless of how you look at it.

One thought on “Richard Dawkins Acknowledges Existence of God — Not So Fast?”

  1. Dawkins’s admission that he cannot be 100% certain that God doesn’t exist is both intellectually and logically honest. I submit the following point as one intellectually and logically honest reason for my 100% certainty in God’s existence.
    * JESUS CHRIST- His existence in our human history is confirmed by both believing AND nonbelieving students, scholars, and curators of historical Christian antiquity. The REAL issue is DIVINITY…is He God, and did he live, die, and resurrect for the salvation of humanity? Our earliest sources for proof of this are His followers, no less human, schewed, flawed, and intelligent than the rest of us present day. But, did they originate the GREATEST CONSPIRACY EVER KNOWN? “Say, you know, we followed Jesus every day and night, lived with him almost every step, watched him die, and fled fearfully into hiding…but let’s PRETEND he came back to life and rose to heaven. We’ll tell the ENTIRE WORLD those lies and consign our lives to further poverty, persecution, torture, and horrible death! Great plan, huh?” Folks, IS THIS LOGICAL?

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