Obama Proclaims That We Are Not A Christian Nation

President Obama gave a speech in Turkey and proclaimed that the United States is not a Christian nation. He claims that we are a nation of citizens. What do you believe? Do you believe that we are a Christian nation? Many Americans would disagree with the President’s viewpoint.

2 thoughts on “Obama Proclaims That We Are Not A Christian Nation”

  1. America is a melting pot. We seriously are NOT all Christians! We are made up of many religions. We get along, even when we agree to disagree. That’s part of what makes us so great. I believe this is what Obama is trying to get across. Every now and then, someone of one faith insists that his faith is the only one! We all practice the same beliefs, however. Check it out! Religion demands the same ideals, no matter how you express it! When it comes down to the real nitty gritty, we are “one Nation, under GOD, in liberty, and justice for all.” I can say that for even those who claim to be atheists, wicans, wizards, etc. When it comes to the real nitty gritty, something bad or big comes down, we all cry out to God, no matter which one it is! Eventually, it all comes down to “the Great I AM! The Alpha and Omega! The King of kings and Lord of Lords! Call Him what you want, He IS!

    1. You have some great points for sure. We totally agree with the right for different people to practice their religious beliefs however they choose. The real point of the article was just that Obama made the statement. This is what we love about our readers…we post this stuff to get a reaction like this so we can open up and debate it out. Thanks for participating and please stop by often.

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