No Fears about Flushing the Toilet During Super Bowl — Urban Legend

As America settles in to enjoy Super Bowl XLVI, a yearly warning is circulating on the Internet warning people to be careful about using the bathroom during the Super Bowl’s halftime period.  This annual urban legend’s origins can be traced back to 1984 when a water main broke in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Super Bowl’s halftime.  The concept is that so many people (110 million people estimated) will be watching the big game that at halftime, when everyone heads to the bathroom in rapid succession while the game is breaking, municipal sewer systems simply cannot handle the load.

The verdict?  Roto Rooter actually went on record guaranteeing that there is no truth to this rumor.  The water main that broke in Utah in 1984 was not related to the demand on the sewer system at the time, and there has never been a problem during any Super Bowl with sewer systems due to the increased output.  So, flush away and enjoy the game.