5 thoughts on “John Lennon Exposes The Illuminati In 1969”

  1. I’m really confused. Some people are saying Paul was in the illuminati and now Paul is dead. So was John in the illuminati as well? And in general, I do not understand the whole illuminati thing. So anyone can just sell their soul to the devil and be the richest and most powerful person? If that was the case, almost all of America would have already done that. And I’m only seeing people getting rich fast in sports and music. So what’s really going on? Please help me out and give me some answers. Thank you.

    1. Question: Why are there so many mysterious deaths surrounding people of great influence
      Answer: Those whom use great influence don’t like when its used against them

      Question: How do you get in the illuminati
      Answer: Sell cocaine, gain influence, or acquire a small fortune. You can also join your local Masonry to be in the illuminati. Until you get a following you are not a “threat.” Once you make something of yourself they seek to make use of what you’ve acquired for yourself.

      Question: Why sports and music?
      Answer: Sports is a great distraction from news. It also pits everyone against each other in competition with each other.
      Everyone listens to music. You can therefore put subliminals, symbols and messages inside popular artists music. The MTV music awards is one of the biggest ill/santanic rituals in the world.
      Movies are another source of illum influence. The ones they want you to see have masonic symbols everywhere. The ones they don’t want you to see get shot up.
      Case Points: The “diamond” hand sign often seen in sports and music. Lady Gaga and Project Monarch. Dark Knight Rises is the most anti ill movie ever.

      Question: Was Paul in the illuminati?
      Answer: It’s hard to say. Lennon and Paul might have been. 2Pac was rumored to be. At some point, people defy the contract (selling the soul even though there really is no devil) and start using their power for good. That is when they end up dead. Paul is most likely still in the illuminati, considering his feud with Michael Jackson.
      Case Points: Stanley Kubrick, 2Pac, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, all ex-ill.

    2. Many people choose not to because they have an inner conscience and inner compass, and because, in the end, exchanging your soul for temporary fame/fortune is not at all worth it. But yes, people can sign over their soul to these entities, in exchange for extreme power and fame. But it comes at a very heavy price. They end up dying very terrible deaths, and the rewards they initially received are later taken away, and replaced with a hellish experience. Even death is not a reprieve for them. No shaman or priest can remove the contract for them. It’s an ugly, sad thing. People always make a choice to belong to the light or belong to the dark. When someone still belongs to the light, they are living inside of the karmic system, which is a benevolent system and is focused on a person’s growth and learning, not punishment (though their ego might not like the forms that the lessons take). When a person signs themselves over to the dark, and then they” belong” to the dark, they are no longer in the karmic system. So for this reason, they might seem to be getting away with all kinds of bad behaviors, almost super-humanly untouchable. But again, it comes at a terrible price. Once the terrible price starts catching up with them, they often try to get out, and can’t. It’s too late at that point, unless they are very determined. Michael Jackson freed himself before he was smeared (in reputation) and killed by them. He was one of the very courageous ones.
      Hope this helps.

  2. You Know What You Is So Right!! I’ve Been Doing A Lot Of Research About The ill. Lately And I Been Finding A lot Of Information, And It’s Self-Explanatory!! Many People Don’t Believe It But Clearly It’s Right There In Front Of You!! I’m So Happy Somebody Recognizes This Other Than Me!! I Wish That People Would Recognize This Also!!

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