Is Clive Davis an Illuminati Gatekeeper?

Clive playfully kicking it with Usher… who acts as if Clive is his adoring Grandpa.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was originally published on this site on February 14, 2012 just after the death of Whitney Houston.  We felt it was a legitimate question then, and we still do now.  In light of Clive’s memoir called The Sound Track of My Life, we are running the article on the front page again because there has been so much interest.  A lot of this has been driven by Clive’s revelation that he is bisexual (and his insistence that there is a difference between that and being gay) and popular singer and collaborator Kelly Clarkson’s rebuttal to the memoir and Clive’s attempts to mold her career, much like the hypothetical concept expressed in this article.  Thanks for reading.


We are all aware of the fascination that many conspiracy theorists have with members of popular culture and the Illuminati.  Symbolism in music videos, fashion statements, interviews, baby names, and a myriad of other things have been targeted as signs of pop culture icons being Illuminati henchmen?  Common Sense Conspiracy has reported on this in the past (see Illuminati Symbolism by Popular Music Artists), albeit with a grain of salt.  However, with all the obvious rampant speculation that the Illuminati were somehow involved in the death of Whitney Houston, we are starting to wonder how this Illuminati infrastructure would work, if it exists.

The idea behind Illuminati involvement in the careers of popular music icons revolves around the central concept that as new artists, athletes, and personalities arrive on the scene, there is a system in place where certain people are handpicked to go on to a further calling.  Pop icons are influential, especially on young people, and their everyday movements attract the attention of millions.  That’s why the theory exists that the Illuminati embraces them, “enlightens” them, if you will, and then supports them, further adding to their success.  In return, these people cooperate by showing their appreciation for how they got where they are through permeating their music, videos, interviews, books, and everyday actions with Illuminati-based symbolism, imagery, and terminology.  It has nothing to do with their personality or overall message in their lyrics or performances.  What does matter is the realm of influence, the scope of who they affect and why.  That is why it is so varied, theoretically.  After all, Jay-Z and Kanye West influence certain minds, while Taylor Swift may influence others.  These influences then overlap, and, of course, the media takes over, drilling us with their messages and symbolism thousands of times a day, while we’re at the doctor’s office, the supermarket, the mall, or even at a concert.

However, one question has always daunted us here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  How?  Is there a magical grim reaper of the Illuminati that shows up in Taylor Swift’s dressing room and lays it out for her?  Is there a mystical vision that communes with Kanye West and imparts on him the knowledge he needs to spread the message to the masses?  Hardly.  In reality, if the Illuminati exists and uses the tactics described above, they do so through a system of gatekeepers.

Now, that sounds like some cryptic mumbo jumbo.  The Gatekeepers.  But in reality, they are just that.  They hold prestigious positions themselves, albeit less public ones.  They are the “brains” behind the scenes of these young people, selecting them, recognizing their talent and ability to grow, and eventually exposing them to the tenants of the Illuminati message.  They cajole them into all of the crazy videos, imagery, and coach them on how to handle interviews.  They meet people they never thought possible, they make seemingly infinite amounts of money, and they have success perpetually.  All in return for submission and agreeing to spread a message, a message that they probably fully subscribe to.  It worked out for them after all.  It could work out for you, too.

Clive with two of his heaviest Illuminati hitters of recent times…Alicia Keys and the late Whitney Houston

Clive Davis is a legendary cultivator of talent.  He has been involved in the dynamic careers of hundreds of prestigious musical artists, many of which any average person would recognize.  His talent finds know no bounds…he has discovered future icons in every genre.  Whether it’s rap, R&B, hard rock, classical, jazz, or country, Clive Davis has handpicked musical talent from every walk of life and been the force behind them.  And, yes, he was the mastermind behind Whitney Houston.

It is said that Clive knows a special talent when he sees one, but he also knows a person that will captivate minds, is willing to exploit themselves, and will be able to transcend their own music and become an icon in their field.  This is what the Illuminati wants, and that is what Clive Davis delivers, over and over again.  If there is an Illuminati force out there, permeating our lives through the talented people we worship and admire, then surely Clive Davis must be a Gatekeeper, holding the power to elevate young starlets at a whim.

Some of Clive Davis’ more notable “finds” include Alicia Keys, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Chicago, Ace of Base, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind and Fire, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Carly Simon, TLC, Usher, Outkast, Toni Braxton, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Kenny Loggins, Santana… no, really, the list goes on and on.

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, paid tribute to Clive in one of his songs from 1979, “No Surprise.”

“Old Clive Davis said he’s surely gonna make you a star, just the way you are.”

And that he did, didn’t he?  At what cost?

6 thoughts on “Is Clive Davis an Illuminati Gatekeeper?”

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  2. I think there is a lot of truth in this article – the entertainment industry has become very dark since I was younger. And a lot of nasty,slutty,satanic behavior in music videos and performances. It’s not got anything to do with real life or living a good life. It’s sickening. Many “stars” act like such idiots – I feel sad for any young person who believes this is all just great. It’s as if dignity and sanity have disappeared. I’m glad you are trying to help expose what goes on –

  3. I truly believe Clive Davis and The Illuminati do exist and are beyond evil. They take insanely ,talented people who honestly COULD make it strictly on their OWN TALENTand falsely deceive them into believing they need the services provided by ONLY THE ILLUMINATI ORGANIZATION,which in reality is nothing but satanism,full blown devil worship. They deceive these people,then corrupt them,blackmail them and fully enslave them. The whole entertainment industry is a cesspool.

  4. The strategy you outline here — of people who have influence in the world choosing to spend their influence supporting people who are “enlightened” in the same way they are — is openly practiced by a lot of members of a lot of groups. The idea is that if you treat the members of the same-thinking, same-doing group, then the influence and power of the group grows and that in turn makes it easier to forward those goals. Most service clubs do it, fundamental religious groups do it, ethnic minorities do it, and tight-knit families do it. If Clive Davis did all this, how do we know it’s because of the Illuminati and not some other ideology or goal?

    “A lot of this has been driven by Clive’s revelation that he is bisexual (and his insistence that there is a difference between that and being gay)”

    Of course they are different. A bisexual is attracted to both men and women, and a homosexual is only attracted to the same sex. He’s had relationships with people of both sexes, not just his wives and male lovers but female lovers too. No need to have a secret relationship with women if you’re only entering relationships with women because you need a beard. I know people have difficulty understanding different sexualities sometimes, and maybe it’s because our own seems so natural to us but bisexuality definitely exist. A lot of us will sometimes ask each other if non-bisexual people actually exist or if they just haven’t figured out they’re bi yet. 🙂 But a lot of people say they aren’t bi so the polite thing to do is take them at their word. It would be impossible to be 100% certain of someone else’s sexuality anyway, based just looking at their life.

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