Georgia Lottery Fixed? Uncanny Happenings in the Peach State

Georgia Lottery winners have no reason to think their luck has run out.

We all have used winning the lottery as a way of revealing almost impossible odds in ordinary conversation.  Well, if you’re in the state of Georgia, you might have to say “I got a better chance of winning the lottery three times.”  That’s right, a producer for CNN (warning bells sound) recently became the third person to win in the Georgia Lottery this year.  And we’re only three months in.  It’s not a new trend, either.  Tandi Reddick, the spokeswoman for the Georgia Lottery revealed 15 separate instances of repeat lottery winners in its’ history.

CNN producer Jennifer Hauser picked up a scratch-off ticket called “50X The Money.”  She won a million bucks.  This was only a couple of months after she won $100,000 playing another lottery game, “Georgia Lottery Black.”  The odds of winning a sizable amount in any lottery game is pretty slim, but the odds of someone winning twice in less than a year’s time is unthinkable.  The odds would have to get into astronomical terms.  And yet, Ms. Hauser is actually the third person to pull this off in 2012.

As you might imagine, the uncanny events happening in the Georgia Lottery have started plenty of conspiracy theories.  It also has inspired residents to buy more tickets.  On the week of February 11, the Georgia Lottery recorded the best sales week in its’ history, with more than $101.2 million.

3 thoughts on “Georgia Lottery Fixed? Uncanny Happenings in the Peach State”

  1. If you think thats scary. Check out the 2nd chance drawings on Maximum Green in the georgia state lottery. You will see man and i mean many repeat winners and check out the last names.

  2. The lottery, which is a state-run version of the Mafia’s numbers racket, is a great money grab scam, as long as it brings in more than it pays out. In the past, lotteries were abolished because they lost money.

    Lottery ping-pong balls have a small valve, like a basketball or soccer ball, only it’s very tiny, and nearly invisible. They use a hypodermic needle to inject heavier-than-air gasses such as radon into the balls we don’t want to come up. At first, they tried helium in the ones we did want to rise, but they jumped up so quickly that it was obvious. Lotteries are raking in much more than if the games were honest, and people don’t know they have literally no chance!”

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