Florida Cop Tasers Girl In Back, She’s Now BRAIN DEAD!!!

Danielle Maudsley, 20, was arrested for her alleged involvement in two hit and run crashes and driving without a license. Well the cop said she was fleeing the police station, handcuffed by the way, and he tasered her in the back. Danielle fell and hit her head on the pavement HARD and she is now brain dead. She has been in a persistent vegetative state ever since and doctors believe she may NEVER WAKE UP. Maudsley’s mother is wondering why the cop just couldn’t grab her daughter instead of using the taser. Why didn’t he just grab her?

2 thoughts on “Florida Cop Tasers Girl In Back, She’s Now BRAIN DEAD!!!”

  1. This young lady made some poor choices, that lead to this incident. Had the officer chased her down and tackled her and this same thing happened, would have got the rap for being 285 lb’s tackeling a little meek 20 year old women off all 100 lb’s. Another option he could have used would have been to pull his service weapon and fire on her. Not a good option for the surronding area. So there is no doubt, that he used sound judgement in his tatical move to capture a suspect in not one but two seperate DUI related hit and runs. I am truly sorry for the young lady and her family, but she choose to violate the law.

    1. You certainly bring up some good points. We aren’t necessarily saying that the officer was right or wrong, but it does kind of interfere with the consensus that Tasering is a safe alternative. However, totally agree that ultimately the girl should not have put herself in these situations, and at the very least, should succumb to the officers when the game is obviously up.

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