Drinking Wine Triples Cancer Risk

Off or on the wagon?

Many people that would never have even considered drinking wine have taken to the vice on advice from their doctors.  After all, red wines especially contain large amounts of resveratrol, a known antioxidant that helps in the body’s fight against free radicals at the cellular level.  However, new studies are now reporting that drinking even modest amounts of wine can triple the risk of mouth cancer.  This is not for heavy drinkers; this is for those that teeter right along the level of the recommended daily limit.

It seems that wine is now suffering the fate of the chicken egg, which has seesawed back and forth between healthy and fatal through scientific studies over the years.  Considering that almost anything you can think of has been tied to a cancer risk in some study out there, everyone has to make a personal decision as to whether the risk outweighs the rewards.  After all, they are saying that drinking the wine increases the risk of mouth cancer even as they say that drinking the wine decreases the chances of high blood pressure and potentially a heart attack or stroke.

Pick your poison, people.