Does Obama Health Care Bill Include Microchiping to Declare Eligibility?

Well, you heard it here first.  Back in January, we reported on RFID chipping and its’ possible inclusion in the Obama health care plan.  However, now that it’s all closer to becoming reality, more people seem to be interested in this practice, which some are heralding as the biblical “mark of the beast” that everyone has been waiting for.  But is this just fear-mongering or is it really on the horizon?

A lot of the fascination with this topic comes from a simple paragraph embedded in over a thousand pages of legal mumbo jumbo that is the United States Health Care Bill.  The section is titled simply “Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521 – National Medical Device Registry.”  Doesn’t sound so imposing at first glance, but the actual material within this very small section that is seemingly included as an afterthought is something much more interesting.  This is an actual screenshot of this part of the legislation which can be viewed in full here.

A lot of conspiracy buffs point to this as the smoking gun that the United States intend to implant RFID microchips into each and every citizen, with one point being to discern between who is eligible for health care.  Ordinarily, we at Common Sense Conspiracy might think this was stretching a bit, but there is one word in the simple paragraph above that lends an awful lot of credibility to this theory.  Implantable.  If there were any other conclusion to draw, this word would not need to exist in such a document.  That’s right, in a thousand-page document, this one little word may carry the most resonance of all of them.

Some think that this institution of required microchiping could be the “mark of the beast” foretold in Revelations of the Bible.  In any case, it is a bold step forward into a new technology that most of us are probably a little hesitant about being forced to incorporate into our organic bodies.  And as always, the real question is what else will the microchip be capable of?  Will be still need other forms of identification with a chip like this present in our very bodies?  Can our movements be tracked?  Could our speech even be recorded?

Will this ever come to pass?  It is still up in the air for now.  But if these microchips are introduced into our culture, what do you think it means?
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4 thoughts on “Does Obama Health Care Bill Include Microchiping to Declare Eligibility?”

  1. IMO obama care is just another page in the depopulation agenda being implemented here in the USA.

    Take cancer for example. There have been 2.4 million scientific papers on cancer. NO cures, NO prevention guidelines, just die baby die. Cancer is not that difficult to figure out.

    Cancer Protection Protocol Overview

    “One has to remember that cancer is not just one disease. Not only that, but even a single type cancer is often not just one disease. As I have written extensively about before, cancer is incredibly complex. Because of that complexity, it’s incredibly unlikely that any one drug will be any sort of “magic bullet” to cure cancer.” Cancer Researcher

    The above quote is by a cancer researcher who is well versed in modern cancer theory. This is the myth we have been sold all my life. This “incredible complexity” shrouds cancer in a veil that has confounded the layman as well as the cancer professional.

    But what if most, if not all, cancer had a prime cause? What if one simple thing usually caused cancer? This is a thought that troubled me my entire life as I struggled to understand cancer. Then one day I found a few extremely simple words so powerful they knocked the breath out of me, literally.

    “Just by decreasing a cell’s oxygen content by about one-third, cancer is automatically induced. Nothing more is required for cancer to develop.” Doctor Otto Warburg 1924

    The cancer magic bullet is OXYGEN.

    1. Since I’m not a doctor or a medical scientist, I have no idea whether the only thing required to induce cancer in a cell is to reduce its access to oxygen. But even if that were so, that’s not the same as establishing that the only thing that induces cancer in cells is a reduction in their access to oxygen. That’s like pointing out that the only thing required to kill a squirrel is to shoot it. Sure, shooting a squirrel is likely to kill it, but there are plenty of other ways squirrels die. In other words, there are many other known factors which can induce cancer too–some viruses, genetic mutation, radiation, inflammation, etc.

  2. All right, I’ll reveal here the dark secret virtually nobody was supposed to know: for years, there have been quite a few implantable medical devices just under your nose, including heart pacemakers, devices to release insulin, control nerves gone wild, and so forth. Our hand has been forced (by a device implanted in our hand) that compels us to release this information on an unsuspecting but appreciative public.

    Remember this: anything that’s denied, is the thing that is already true. Especially things for which there’s no documentation at all. The proof that Obama wants to take away all your guns, is that he’s never said anything like that.

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