Did the United States Government Really Shut Down 10 Million Christian Websites?

Patriarch Kirill I may have said a lot of things, but apparently what Pak Alert Press reported was not one of them.

Our friends at Pak Alert Press have reported something that is getting a lot of attention.  And with good reason.  If it were true, it would be a very damning revelation.  According to their article, located here, Russia’s most prominent religious leader, Patriarch Kirill I, issued a report that accused the United States government, with President Obama’s approval, of shutting down over 10 million Christian websites, citing national security as the reason.  They did this by requiring Google to eliminate these websites from its database, including almost all domains with the .cc designation.

We encourage you to read the article at Pak Alert Press and make your own decision, but Common Sense Conspiracy has delved deeper into the story and found some questionable problems with it.  First of all, you cannot find another website that corroborates this information.  Typically when there is big conspiracy news like this, several conspiracy sites, as well as general alternative news sites, will pick it up.  You will see carbon copies of the article regurgitated on website after website.  This has not happened.  There are only a couple of instances we could uncover where anyone has put any particular credence into this story, except Pak Alert Press itself.  The story has been around since July of 2011, so it has had plenty of time to make the Internet rounds.

Secondly, if Patriarch Kirill I did issue this report, there is no record of it on the Internet except for within the original report from Pak Alert Press.  How they would have received such a report if it wasn’t released publicly is another big problem that we have with the information here.  Additionally, nowhere in Pak Alert’s article is there an example of any one of the supposed 10 millions sites given.  You would think that if this report was authentic, surely a couple of Christian websites out of as bold a number as 10 million could have been tracked down and reported.  Once again, the article does not give even one example of a site that was shut down as a result of this report.

The .cc extension for websites is suggested to be an acronym for “Christian Church” in the article.  The extension actually stands for “Creative Commons” and was an extension used by a particular business that purchased the domain.  Google did indeed dump over 11 million .cc websites from its indexes last year.  However, they were dumped voluntarily by Google without government intervention because the Creative Commons business turned out to use the .cc domains for spam purposes.

You can’t believe everything you hear people.  It appears that Pak Alert Press comes under the microscope once again for reporting something without any factual basis to back it up.  Common Sense Conspiracy believes that there is a conspiracy out there to shut down the Christian religion in general, but this is not one of those cases.

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