Dave Chapelle’s Account of Hollywood and the Illuminati

A truly great and heartfelt interview from one of the funniest men on the planet.  Dave Chapelle describes the craziness of Hollywood and fame, but more importantly, he goes on a spill early on about the insane things are happening.  He never mentions the Illuminati by name (which is good, cause he might be dead) but he leaves a pretty good bread trail for viewers to follow.

5 thoughts on “Dave Chapelle’s Account of Hollywood and the Illuminati”

  1. Illuminati, killuminate, is yet alive and well!!! Wisdom. This guy has more sense than folks think! What is happening in Hollyweird? Nobody knows, but somebody knows! The environment IS quite a bit sick!!!

    1. Yes, Illuminati or otherwise, there is something to it. Dave really does a great job of illustrating the point.

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