Crisis Point Novel Goes Inside Bilderberg Like Never Before

A thrill-ride from beginning to end...Two thumbs up from Common Sense Conspiracy.

Our loyal readers at Common Sense Conspiracy are well aware that we watch the Bilderberg group like a hawk.  This clandestine organization that many believe secretly pulls the puppet strings for the world is always up to something.  However, we want to take a moment to recommend a stellar new work of fiction that has come on the scene that promises to shake up what we know, and what we don’t know, about everyone’s favorite secret society.

The novel Crisis Point, starts out at a breathtaking pace, with world-renowned economist Thomas Allbright on a Maverick jet winging his way to Spain for the latest Bilderberg conference.  Only, this trip is a little different.  Abbas Saleem, a merciless terrorist that has managed to infiltrate the ranks of this super-secretive group, has a package for him that will change everyone’s life forever.  The briefcase looks ordinary at first glance, but inside, it contains a contents that will bring the Bilderbergers to their knees.  But Saleem has not intentions of carrying this package in himself.  He enlists Thomas to do it for him.  He will hold the most powerful people in the world hostage.  He took out a little insurance.  Thomas’ precious daughter is held captive, and he has no choice but to go along with the sinister plan that will keep you guessing to the end.

David Lancaster, a one-day Presidential hopeful that gets invited to the meeting as well, finds his fate intertwined with Allbright and the terrible briefcase.  He will become a prime player in the drama that unfolds, securing his spot as a Bilderberg elite even before he is fully introduced.  Crisis Point is full of twists and turns as the well-developed characters find their way through a tangled web of deceit while the fate of the Bilderberg group, and the world, hangs in the balance.

Don’t miss this one.  A great read, regardless of your feelings about Bilderberg, Crisis Point is a thriller of a novel that takes no hostages, except the reader, of course.  Pick up your copy today for the head-scratchingly low price of $2.99 (limited time offer).  Crisis Point is available for Nook or Kindle.