Could HAARP Be to Blame for Mass Beaching of Dolphins?

Speculation in conspiracy circles is running rampant after over 129 dolphins beached themselves at Cape Cod over the past weeks.  Over 92 died, with more expected, as the beached dolphins are quickly injured due to sunburn and attacks from hungry seagulls.  A mass beaching such as this hasn’t happened since the 1990’s, and this rash of beachings shows no signs of slowing down.  Marine biologists are at a loss for an explanation for this unexpected, harmful behavior.  Experts speculate that weather patterns, changes in the tides, and the fact that dolphins travel in packs and follow each other as possible reasons.  Still, there is no evidence to back up any of these theories, and none of them address why the dolphins would consider almost certain death as a viable option.

Shedding even less light on the matter is the fact that when tidal or weather changes cause an epidemic of creatures washing up on shore, it is not limited to just one species.  If this was the reason for the problem, then it would be much more likely that a variety of ocean dwellers would be suffering the same fate.  However, there have been no reports of any other species washing up in unusual quantities.  The amount of dolphins is significant; the last month has seen more dolphins beached than the usual amount in a year.

Really adding to the paranoia is that this is not a worldwide event.  So far, the beaching event has been limited to areas right around Cape Cod.  This has only fueled the theory that HAARP weather technology has caused this to happen, as dolphins are very aware of both changes in their environment and electromagnetic frequencies.  Many believe that HAARP weather manipulation is causing the confusion of the dolphins, and eventually, their untimely death.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are always checking into reported HAARP issues, but we have not found a lot of credible information regarding this long-standing conspiracy theory.  However, we do present an interesting exhibit that does give one pause:

Possible HAARP locations around the world.
Mass animal deaths tracked by Google Maps.


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  1. It’s not just about the beachings of dolphins & whales that HAARP could be blamed. I believe that HAARP is also responsible for birds unnatural migrations and sudden mid-air deaths.

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