Anonymous Internet Hacking Group Contacts Common Sense Conspiracy to Announce Operation Siren

Well, we here at Common Sense Conspiracy always consider us to be your source for all conspiracy news.  But even we were a little surprised when the infamous hackers-with-a-cause group Anonymous contacted us to try to increase awareness about their latest operation.  Posted below is the message we received along with the video embedded for your enjoyment (and enrichment).  Thanks Anonymous…we feel really special.

Hello. People of the internet. We are Anonymous.

For years we have watched the trusted Dutch police force lie to its citizens and mislead them with campaigns of misinformation.

Their suppression of the truth, their corrupt nature, all these things have caught our eye.

Anonymous has decided that this will not stand. We will not tolerate the way in which they have discarded the truth.

This is why we begun Operation Siren:

We have released several secretly recorded phone conversations between corrupt police officers and criminals. Conversations that have never been released to the public.

We are doing this for the good of those you have trusted, for your own good, for the good of all, and for our own enjoyment.

Go to every IRC network, every social network, every online community. Tell them of the corruption that has been discovered. If this is not enough, the Dutch police shall see that we are truly legion. We shall come together as one force, opposing this attempt to censor the truth once again, and in the process discourage any other police force from continuing or trying.


We are anonymous. 
We are Legion. 
United as ONE.
Divided by zero.
We do not forgive Corruption. 
We do not forget Oppression. 
Expect us!!