Washington Times Column Accuses Tim Tebow of Being Satan

This, my friends, is a proactive bullshit alert… Common Sense Conspiracy sees all the familiar warning signs of the media piggybacking on a controversy.  Eric Golub, a sports columnist for the Washington Times, published an article today provocatively titled “Is Tim Tebow Satan?”  Now, at first glance, it seems like another person randomly attacking Mr. Tebow for his steadfast showing of his faith on national television.  However, if you read the article, and I mean really read it, you will find that Eric uses his provocative title to illustrate a very good point.  Mr. Golub thinks Tim Tebow is Satan…but it has nothing to do with his religious affiliations.  He is an Oakland Raiders fan, and Tim Tebow has single-handedly rained on what could have been a great Raiders season with his improbably run as the starter for the Denver Broncos.  So, he hates Tebow, but in the way sports fans hate the rival team’s quarterback.  He questions all the hatred for Tebow because of a million reasons except the right one.  Let’s get back to football, Eric says.  No doubt the media will try to blow up his article into another way of casting stones.

For the record, Common Sense Conspiracy is not a religious platform and we do not cater to any religion.  A cause we do get behind is freedom, and Tim Tebow has never done anything that we see that has violated this concept.  Whether you worship Satan, God, Jesus Christ, Lady Gaga, or Tim Tebow himself, we support your right to do it, wherever you please at any time.  That’s what America is all about.  So, we just wanted to try to stop this viral-wannabe story before it starts.  Check out Eric’s column here and let us know what you think.  In closing, we leave you with this…

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