SOPA Stalls Out as Obama Vows to Veto Any Such Action — Hollywood Laments

The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) that has caused such consternation on the internet, including the going dark of major sites like Reddit and Wikipedia, met a huge roadblock as President Barack Obama voiced his intentions to oppose the legislation, should it be approved.  He cites his reasons as that he has problems with the scope of the bill.  While this has rendered the bill harmless for now, many believe that it is only a harbinger of things to come.  President Obama is only opposing the act because of the upcoming election, using the public unrest with the bill as a good time to make a feel-good move for Americans.  However, the bill will most certainly come up again in some form or other, so internet sites are encouraging protesters to remain vigilant.

Hollywood is particularly disappointed in President Obama’s stance.  They are, after all, a group that has supported Obama very much through his presidency and campaign, and now they feel like they have been double-crossed because the SOPA bill supposedly revolved around ending piracy, a practice that has crippled the film industry.  However, the language in the bill would possibly give the federal government sweeping rights where internet sites are concerned, which led to a huge amount of protest.