Something’s Fishy in Norway — 20 Tons of Dead Fish on Coast is a Mystery

Even Molly the dog doesn't know what to think.

For many New Year’s Eve is a good time for fireworks, champagne, and some reflection on the year.  In Norway, the scene was marred when 20 tons of herring washed up on the northern coast.  Explanations are flying around, but no one has any concrete answers for the mysterious appearance of the massive amounts of dead fish.  A local resident was walking his dog Molly when she discovered the fish.  Jan-Petter Jorgensen said that a similar event happened in the 1980s.  Jorgensen thinks that the fish wound up in a low-oxygen area and died.  Others say that a huge storm could have washed them up.  Tests are being run to make sure the mass deaths are not the result of some sort of disease.  Could this somehow be related to the dead birds that have repeatedly been found in Arkansas?  Whatever it is, it is not limited to land or sea.