President Barack Obama Subpoenaed to Attend Hearing in Georgia — Will He Appear and What Happens If He Doesn’t?

Could this scene realistically be in our future?

The Deputy Chief Judge in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael Malihi, has ordered President Barack Obama to attend an administrative hearing on Thursday regarding a suit filed by a Georgia resident moving to have Obama’s name taken off the ballot in Georgia for the upcoming presidential election.  The complaint states that Obama has repeatedly ignored inquiries to prove whether he is a natural-born citizen of the United States.  If he is not, he is not eligible to be President.  Several lawsuits like this have been filed around the nation, but this is the only one that managed to grow legs.  A last-ditch motion by the President’s lawyers to kill the subpoena was overruled by Judge Malihi.  President Obama is ordered to appear in the court on Thursday.

Ordinarily, when a case arrives in the court system that may require the testimony of a president, the president gets out of it by citing national security as his reason to not appear.  However, former President Bill Clinton was compelled to appear in his Paula Jones case because his testimony was so critical to the subject matter of the case.  Since this case revolves completely around Barack Obama, it seems pertinent that the request for him to appear should be warranted by the circumstances.

For an ordinary citizen, a subpoena is a legal order to appear in a court.  It cannot be ignored.  Failure to appear could result in the judge ruling that the witness is in contempt of court.  This would result in a warrant being issued for the person’s arrest.

So what happens if President Obama doesn’t show up to Malihi’s courtroom Thursday?  It will be interesting to find out.  President Obama may have to leave Atlanta, Georgia off the campaign trail later this year for fear of arrest.


3 thoughts on “President Barack Obama Subpoenaed to Attend Hearing in Georgia — Will He Appear and What Happens If He Doesn’t?”

  1. That report is incorrect.

    Here is what actually happened:

    The attorney for some of the plaintiffs, Orly Taitz, got a blank subpoena form signed by Judge Malihi from a State web site and served it on Obama’s attorney.

    Although the Judge has so far refused defense motions to quash the subpoena, he actually has NOT issued any order for Obama to appear, and in fact he cannot.

    Why not? Because in Georgia an administrative law judge does not have the power to compel testimony, which takes an order from a Superior Court.

    1. so if obumba doesnt show, he gets moved to a superior court where it is tossed for standing.

      1. Remains to be seen. Could get interesting. Still, this is as far as any of these lawsuits have gotten. The real question is why doesn’t Obama just stand up for himself and put this to rest. The White House was all for replying to the insane theories that Obama went to Mars, but on an issue like this, mum’s the word.

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