Possible Explanations Offered Up for Strange Sounds in Costa Rica, Canada, Colorado, Hawaii, Ukraine, and Mexico

It’s becoming an epidemic…in various locations all over the world, people are hearing strange,unexplained sounds.  Some sound eerily like trumpets while others were just low hums.  In any case, it’s an interesting phenomenon that is getting a lot of play on the internet.  Usually when something like this occurs, there is an arsenal of so-called experts and scientists ready to debunk it with a very believable explanation.  However, if you peruse the internet sources about the strange sounds being heard worldwide, you will find plenty of videos and testimonies but very few sites that provide any ideas of just what these noises could be.  Common Sense Conspiracy has seen that there is a lot of concern out there about this issue, and we want to give our readers an overview of some of the explanations that are circulating around so far.  With a side dose of common sense, of course.

1.  Whistlers — A whistler is a natural phenomenon that was first detected by scientists during the World War I.  When lightning occurs all over the world, it creates electromagnetic waves that travel very quickly.  These waves have an audio component that often comes across as a whistling sound when witnessed by people in its path of propagation.  The phenomenon not only occurs on the Earth, but on Mars as well.  A spectrogram identified a similar event on the Red Planet before during a lightning storm.  The problem with this theory as a possible explanation is that none of the videos or accounts have described the noises they have heard as a whistling sound.  It does bring up the question of whether there is a similar natural phenomenon that has as of yet been undiscovered.

2.  Manipulation — Some people are suggesting that this sound was originally heard and recorded and others have added the same sound to their own videos.  While this would be easy to do, if you peruse the videos online (and why not start here at Common Sense Conspiracy), you will find that they don’t all sound alike, really.  It’s possible that some of the instances are copycat situations, but not all of them fit the same mold.

3.  Trains —  That’s right.  Some of the good folks at Godlike Productions have suggested that the sound is trains, and then people in other countries here about it and when a train goes by, their mind morphs it right into this strange, unidentifiable sound.  The problem with this theory is instances like Costa Rica, where thousands heard the sound at the same time.  No train has the ability to make enough noise to cover the ground that these sound waves would have had to cover in the Central American, mountainous nation.

4.  Vents — Another theory that is making the rounds is that vents from an underground tunnel and base system beneath the United States are releasing air.  This is causing the strange noises.  The obvious problem here is that it only accounts for the ones heard in the United States, even if it were true.

5.  Fireworks — Costa Rican officials said the sounds were the result of a huge fireworks demonstration.  Never mind it was heard hundreds of miles away and all at the same time.  Also, the area where the supposed fireworks show was held at is surrounded by mountain ranges, further dampening the sound.

As you can see, there has been far from a satisfactory answer thus far.  Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to pass along “explanations” as they are put forward.

8 thoughts on “Possible Explanations Offered Up for Strange Sounds in Costa Rica, Canada, Colorado, Hawaii, Ukraine, and Mexico”

  1. So my thing is i have been hearing some strange sounds for a while and i cant put my fnger on what it is exactly, i live in edmonton alberta and i never really said anything about it until my cousin mentioned it on facebook yesterday (jan18th/2012).
    The most recent sound, sounded like a massive concrete wall falling onto its side. During the middle of the night i would hear the howls as well and i know its not a dog in the neighborhood because the sound is so broad and its not like any dog ive ever heard.
    I finally to get to mention this without sounding crazy lol, thanks for the post.

  2. with some research i came across this diddy my cousin mentioned earlier yeasterday that some think its coming from the ground and then i found this http://www.earth-issues.com/
    it makes sense…. the core of the earth is slipping and spinning at a different rate and creating bubbles. dumbed down: its air/gas coming up from the core and using the sky as an amplifier a.ka its the cry of the planet…
    like hard winds blowing through trees and a crack in your window making that whistling sound… its the most logical explanation i can think of..

    1. That’s very interesting Namida. Plenty of our loyal readers are clicking on your link and we have no problem with that. Please contact us if you would like to exchange links permanently.

  3. i also live in edmonton alberta and the sounds have driven me crazy so loud a few days ago i dont think any of these mentioned excuses are related to what i heard

  4. IT sounds like a very large piece of ice stressing just before it breaks. get a piece of ice drop it in a warm cup of water and listen. now imagine a big piece of ice in the north pole getting zapped with the solar flare that happened at about the same time and you get ice stressing or breaking. the sounds being so loud it echos off the atmosphere and perhaps it is continuing to stress and break explaining further sounds. this seems like some common sense to me. even if its not from the solar flare, we know the ice caps are melting why wouldn’t they crack in the middle my ice cubes don’t just melt off the outside, the crack from the middle too.

  5. This may sound weird,but am I the olny person who thinks the sounds are comming from the empty spaces where we’ve pumped out all the oil,natraul gas and so on? Maybe the world leaders should get together and figure out a way to relubercate the earth in all those empty places. Its like if you baked a cake,then sucked out the eggs and oil it would start to crumble.maybe they can take all the used vegitable oil from all over the world and pump in in to the empty spaces.whould create a lot of jobs.

    1. You’re not crazy at all lena… all theories are valid and should be considered. Thanks so much for posting.

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