Pak Alert Press Comes Under the Crossfire — Move Over, Alex Jones and Prison Planet

Those of you familiar with Common Sense Conspiracy’s mission statement understand why we detest certain conspiracy theory vehicles online.  Alex Jones’ Prison Planet has long drawn our ire, but only a few elite sites actually earn our award of a true, emphatic blacklist.  Pak Alert Press has come on our radar as of late, and we have never seen a site more enthusiastic to report meaningless news with absolutely no facts to back it up.

Meander on over…we will provide the link.  Just today, you will see a fascinating onslaught of articles that entice you to click.  A great example of what we are talking about is the article that talks about $9 trillion missing from the Fed.  It’s a fascinating headline.  Click on it, and you’ll find a mere two-sentence paragraph that restates the title, followed by no factual information whatsoever.  A few cartoonish pictures are tossed in for dramatic effect.   Just up from that is an article encouraging Americans to rally together and arrest President Barack Obama for “false-flag operations” before another war is started.  The resulting article, after you click, consists of two paragraphs that restate the title and refer to World War I and II as something Americans fought to gain the freedoms to guard against this very behavior.  And yet, not one shred of factual evidence is given, not even as much as a reference or link.

Another article urges us to “Stop the Money Junkies Before They Start World War III.”  A simple click reveals an article of two paragraphs that doesn’t even have anything to do with the title’s subject matter.

Common Sense Conspiracy exists to help people be informed without being subjected to this sort of abuse.  We will continue to monitor Pak Alert Press and report stories that have factual evidence to back them up.  We hope that our loyal readers will stay tuned to where they know they can get the real dirt without the bullshit.

10 thoughts on “Pak Alert Press Comes Under the Crossfire — Move Over, Alex Jones and Prison Planet”

  1. I think you are wrong here. I am not sure if my commentswill be approved or not not but I would like to say that I read you site and also pakalert regularly..I think you should revisit and don’t just based judgement about pakalert on couple of articles.. they are doing a wonderful job.. 75% of their content is authentic and true….pls done defame pakalert

    1. Sarah, thanks so much for your comments. We are so glad to have you as a regular reader. Don’t ever worry about your comments being taken off of our site. Unless you are doing something just so terrible we have no choice (like spamming or peddling movies that people watch for pleasure) we will not ever censor your comments.
      We respect Pak Alert Press and consider them to be our contemporary. They have even ran some of our articles on their frontpage from time to time. However, we do have a duty to call out bullshit when we see it. We will continue to monitor stories from Pak Alert Press, and I assure you we will be careful to consider the whole body of work and not just an article or two, a courtesy I hope our readers will extend to us as well. Once again, thanks so much for reading, Sarah.

  2. I truly believe in freedom of speech and it is a constitutional right. What is scary to me is when the public can’t discern fact from fiction. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe a lot of relatively unbelieved “news”. We saw Karl Rove pour billions of dollars into such PAC’s in an attempt to discredit the president and his administration. I don’t like everything that President Obama has done and neither did I approve of everything that President Bush did either. But I did not resort to calling either man every name under the sun, paint mock Joker faces on them or hang effigies of them from trees in my front yard. This is the kind of behavior that I see on the news in barbaric countries. I am really disappointed in how some Americans act and that their acts are portrayed on the news to see just how disbanded this country has become. They must sit there and laugh at how divided this country has become.

    So folks you’re at liberty to believe what you wish. And you will always find crap to support your beliefs but you need to dig further to see just how legitimate your information actually is and if there is really any truth in it. God gave you a brain, let’s use it to the country’s advantage.

  3. Pakalert is interesting and totally different from the regular news (desinformation) !

  4. Pakalert Press seems totally biased. It pretends to objectively critique US government procedure, but it is through a purely partisan lens. CommonSenseConspiracy would do the net a great service if they were to expose the conservative underbelly of the site.

  5. You write your comments as the only truth just like all other government sponsored hacks who try to discredit those who pose a threat to revealing what is really going on!

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