Mitt Romney is the “White Horse” Foretold by Joseph Smith and the Mormons

This is a great video that begins to explain something called the “White Horse” prophecy that one Mr. Joseph Smith predicted over 200 years ago.  It is the only branch of religion that seems to incorporate a Bilderberg-like entity into its end-time predictions.  With Mitt Romney, a longstanding Mormon, having a viable shot at the Presidency in the United States, there is some speculation that maybe this could possibly be the fulfillment of that prophecy.  Of course, if you don’t buy into Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion, it probably heavily effects your views on this issue.  In any case, regardless of religious affiliation, it’s very interesting all the dots that can be connected between Romney, the Mormons, and Bilderberg.  Starting tomorrow, we will begin analyzing all of these claims in detail, so please check back often.


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