Illuminati Symbolism in Kobe Bryant Nike Commercial — New Member or Old News?

The Los Angeles Laker’s basketball star, and heir apparent to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant has released a new commercial series that many believe features a ton of Illuminati symbolism.  Adding to the fire is the fact that Kanye West, long fingered as an Illuminati spokesman, appears in the video as well.  Kobe opens the video in a Christ-like pose, and then gives a star-studded audience a feel-good speech about achieving success, complete with Illuminati-tinged graphics.  Do you think Kobe Bryant is the latest Illuminati henchman?  Real questions for real people.


3 thoughts on “Illuminati Symbolism in Kobe Bryant Nike Commercial — New Member or Old News?”

  1. You’ll finally notice that they want us to lose so much time, talking about the illuminati, the most important thing is to search how to be closer to The Creator! This can be made only by the sacrifice of Jesus-Christ. Jesus is the Key, we are playing the game of the illuminati, trying to know who is illuminati or not. Anyways, it’s a good step towards the freedom of humanity, but it is not the absolute thing to do. Jesus is the Life! (John 3:16)

  2. @Illuminate, you realize Jesus is not real right? it is just a character in a contradictory book. Your god created all things therefore he knew everyone would follow the this group. So all people should be given for this simple flaw in logic that can be easily picked apart. Also, all this illuminate s**t is self fulfilling prophecies people see what they want to see.

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