Hoax Regarding Iowa Caucus — Ron Paul Conspiracy

Nice try guys.

Not even twenty-four hours after the Iowa caucus, there is a document circulating around the internet with some pretty damning information.  However, we at Common Sense Conspiracy try to stop things like this before they start, and this is another one of our patented bullshit alerts.  The document that is circulating is a Google Docs file that claims to show the voting data from the caucus.  As you can see in the screenshot above, according to this document, Ron Paul won the Iowan caucus, and not Mitt Romney.  The document is fairly well designed, including all the counties of Iowa and going to painstaking detail to make sure that each column adds up and everything makes sense at a glance.

Most of you know that there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there that the Republicans don’t want Ron Paul and frequently find ways to quelch him during debates and public appearances.  The conspiracy regarding Ron Paul is one for another article (coming soon), but this Google Docs file that will soon be viral falls firmly in our “Sometimes it is what it is” category.  See, there are several glaring problems with this document.

Let’s start with the positive side.  Is it possible that Iowa uses Google Docs to process election data?  From one respect, it makes a lot of sense.  Google Docs is a great application that allows multiple parties to access and edit a document in real-time.  It would be a great collaborative tool for different counties to enter their information and allow the spreadsheet to tabulate the data.  On the other hand, it makes no sense whatsoever.  Google Docs is a useful tool for ordinary residents, but it is unbelievable that something like this would employ a system that could so easily be breached.

There’s also the small problem that the document being circulated shows a total of 19,294 votes total, with Ron Paul winning by a narrow margin.  The actual Iowan caucus featured over 122,000 votes.

Best possible scenario…this is the real document they use and it was paused and distributed at a point where Paul was winning, with some 100,000 votes to be counted.

Worst possible scenario…it’s an elaborate fake that someone, most likely in the Ron Paul fold, took a lot of time to make the average bear think that there is a conspiracy.

And there just may be a conspiracy against Ron Paul…but you won’t find proof of it anywhere in this Google Docs file.

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