2 thoughts on “Giant Footprint Found in Granite in South America — Real or Fake?”

  1. does anyone know where i can watch beyond belief fact or fiction?
    Also, theres these 2 episodes where this man goes missing then ends up in his daughters dollhouse as a doll. and this one where this giant man breaks this guys neck from a balcony and theres a giant footprint outside his appartment. can anyone tell me where to find these?



    IT’S AN IGNEOUS ROCK. The only way to make a footprint in a fossil is in a sedimentary rock when its still mud or sand. The only time you could do it with granite is when it was still semi molten. No-one would be walking over that.

    It seriously worries me that you can’t spot that. Also, even if it was in sedimentary rock there’s no way the toe marks would be that sharp after half a million years in the open. Someone has probably seen that it looked roughly footprint shaped and helped it along with some carving. Look at the odd shaped hollows in the rest of the granite, this is obviously the same family but tweaked.

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