Georgia Judge Holds Obama’s Ballot Candidacy in His Hands — Obama Not Worried

Interesting video from the “birther” lawsuit that resulted in President Barack Obama being subpoenaed to court this past Thursday.  The President did not appear, of course, and instead had his attorney issue a request for the judge to dismiss the case.  It looks like this Georgia judge has some serious decisions to make, especially with the possible prospect of federal court intervention.  Democrats in Georgia say that Republicans only want to keep him off the ballot in Georgia because they know Obama will win the state.


2 thoughts on “Georgia Judge Holds Obama’s Ballot Candidacy in His Hands — Obama Not Worried”

  1. How does a judge change from offering a “default judgement” AGAINST to ruling FOR Obama? The answer is simple: The fix was in from the beginning! A default judgement, without evidence, could be stayed by a higher court, and allow Obama to be on the ballot while the decision would be appealed and dragged through the courts forever.

    But the attorneys pressed their case to put the evidence on the record.

    Once the attorneys presented their case, (abbreviated evidence at the judge’s insistence), he would rule that witnesses were not persuasive and conclude that a lowly state ruling superseded a Supreme Court ruling. Obama would win the preponderance of the evidence without showing! What a fraud is this judge!

    Very nice work Judge. I wonder why you held court at all….or could it be you were holding out for some reward? We will see.

    Georgians should move to impeach this blind judge immediately.

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