Are Skyquakes and Strange Sounds All Over the World Harbingers of the 2012 Apocalypse?

The New Madrid fault is way overdue for some activity. By centuries.

The internet is abuzz with people investigating and theorizing about all of the strange reports of ominous sounds that has now become an international phenomenon.  These sensations come in many different forms, but all revolve around strange sounds that have no man-made explanation.  The theories range from complete science fiction to scientific-backed evidence, but one thing is for sure:  people are concerned.  Also, seemingly random earthquakes are being recorded in areas where earthquakes are normally not given a second’s thought.  Is all this leading up to the mystical date of December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar signified the possibility of a worldwide calamity?

Skyquakes is the popular term given to a lot of the strange noises that are occurring.  Some believe that this is the result of a trembling Earth’s core, sending up warning signs that a shifting of the mantle is imminent that will dwarf anything we have ever seen.  NASA has a simpler explanation; when meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they sometimes travel faster than the speed of sound, creating what is commonly referred to as a sonic boom.  These are impossible to keep track of as meteors disintegrate in the Earth’s atmosphere all the time.  The sounds could simply be meteors doing what meteors do when they come too close to our planet.  However, some of the sounds that are heard sound like trumpets, leading to even more speculation that this is some sort of Revelations-Bible signal that the end of the world is drawing near.

The problem with a situation like this is that it is so hard to differentiate between reports that have some validity and the ones that are hoaxes.  For example, the sounds heard in the Ukraine video have been copied and pasted onto other video tracks countless times, with new videos surfacing daily of the strange sounds infiltrating a new region.  A simple comparison of the tracks quickly shows that the new ones are simply reproductions.  There is always some tell-tale sign of this; for example, in the Kiev video, a bird chirps at exactly the right moment to make it rather obvious that the audio track has been duplicated and used as the soundtrack to another video.  So, while there may be some videos that are authentic, we cannot be sure how many fakes are out there, and if there is only one true occurrence, it is quite possible that it could be explained away if it were not for all of the people out there trying to piggyback ride on the buzz created.

As for the United States, there is some historical data about the New Madrid fault that makes recent events more than a little disturbing.  In the months approaching the huge earthquake along the New Madrid fault in the early 1800s, settlers reported artillery-like sounds going off randomly.  Similar events were reported preceding the powerful earthquakes that set off the devastating tsunami in the Phillipines.  Could the sounds being heard be a sign that the long dormant New Madrid fault is about to come to life again?

The reality is that the New Madrid fault, which the city of Memphis sits squarely upon, is way overdue for a series of massive earthquakes.  And it seems that the Earth is already becoming more unstable by the day.  Then, there is the question of how humans have interfered.  The fracking debate is still very much alive as Oklahoma continues to experience small earthquakes that many believe are caused by man in his unquenchable thirst for oil.

Seashells in the Andes?

Could mankind be bringing on the New Madrid fault’s inevitable eruption through drilling?

The Andes Mountains that tower along the western coast of South America are the youngest mountain ranges in our world.  Scientists have found sea shells in places where it makes no sense for them to be.  It indicates that at some point in history, the sea did indeed rise up and flood all the land, even some of the world’s largest mountain ranges.  Could whatever caused this be preparing for a sequel?  There’s no way to know for sure, but these strange happenings are certainly unnerving.  However, does it have anything to do with the 2012 predictions?

Common Sense Conspiracy has analyzed the 2012 situation many times in past articles, and no doubt it will continue to be a hot topic as we count down the days until the magical date that doomsday “experts” have been waiting on.  The bottom line is that the Mayan civilization’s creation of the calendar was a monumental achievement, but the reality is that it had to stop somewhere.  December 21, 2012 represents a changing of an age in the Mayan belief system.  If you gotta stop, why not stop there?

Skyquakes, strange sounds, and earthquakes in unusual places have the world on edge.  Are you?  Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to be on top of these happenings and be ready to give you a common sense look at what is happening and what others want you to believe.


11 thoughts on “Are Skyquakes and Strange Sounds All Over the World Harbingers of the 2012 Apocalypse?”

    1. Get to your shelter. Bring food and water for at least a millenium. Electric bass guitar is the sign that Flea of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s is the anti-christ.

  1. youtube “sounds over oshawa” sky quakes over oshawa… it really sucks cause this article says hoaxs and audio edits.. but.. theres like 5-8 vids . This was over oshawa ontario on january 23 2012

  2. I believe it has to do with the result of global warming. And the extreme warm weather the northern hemisphere is having. And with our planet warming up in its cold environment. Expansion and contraction sounds, creaking, snapping, scraping, air and solid sounds, I do believe it.

    1. Betty, a lot of people share the same sentiments. It would explain a lot of the phenomena we have been experiencing lately on Earth.

  3. I don’t buy a lot of these theories…geological, haarp, meteors, etc…because we would have heard these noises in the past. As this is something that has surfaced only in the last year or two, it has to be something that has happened recently, so this is my theory – and I stress it is only a theory, so don’t lose any sleep, please!
    Just after CERN opened the Large Hadron Collider they had to shut it down again, because there was “something wrong” with it. Now, IF they had inadvertently created a black hole, which is something a lot of people were, and still are, concerned about (including reputable scientists – not just “nut jobs”), it would have immediately dropped towards the earths centre of gravity (presumably damaging equipment along the way) and would then ocillate back and forth within the planet, never quite reaching as high as it’s first position – just like a ball bouncing gets less and less (except very little would slow this “ball” down), and coring out an ever larger tube of matter as it did so. As it aproaches each apogee, it would slow down, and so the tube of sucked out magma would become a (larger) spheroid, into which fresh magma would flow as the singularity moved away again. This lowering of pressure could be what is causing these noises, as the earth’s crust strains to adapt to such enormous forces. It could explain why they all seem to be occilatory in nature, and are often associated with minor earthquakes and car alarms going off. It could also explain why they don’t last long, as the earth is spinning, so the black hole would “move” to another location (where maybe the crust is of a different structure/composition).
    I realise that if this theory is correct, this is the worst possible news for ALL humanity. And I share the outrage of any right thinking person at the sheer arrogance of these immature clever-dick jackasses. Although I am not religious, and think that such experiments are probably necessary for our understanding of how the universe works, I think that in a case such as this, where the consequence of getting it wrong is the total destruction of what we currently know to be the only spark of life in the universe, the ONLY consideration should be the precationary principle. They should have waited a few hundred years, and then conducting them somewhere safe, such as Titan or Charon. Instead, they chose to play with “god’s matchbox” whilst we were all still locked inside the nursery!
    In the hope that I am wrong, I therefore call on all adults in the world to share with me the condemnation of this reckless experimentation, and hope you will join me in my insistence (by reasonable force of arms, if reason alone will not prevail) in having this devices power reduced to safe operating levels…at which, btw, the Higgs Boson was eventually discovered.
    I also realise that, as in the film 2012, should the PTB be aware of this being the true cause of these earth noises, any whistle-blowers would need to be “shut up” by any means necessary, in order to prevent panic and rioting (which would be FAR worse than being sucked into a black hole…LOL), so I make 2 tentative predictions:
    1)…At some time in the next hour, I will get my front door kicked in by government agents, concurrent with you getting your website shut down, and…
    2)…David Bowie will be selling a lot of copies of the album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust”
    Enjoy life while it lasts…and Peace to All!!

  4. There are weird things happening all over. The lady missing you see here – is a particular crazy thing I have been following. She had managed to hide from everyone almost like divine intervention, and running with a baby! Sounds familiar to me…

  5. Divine intervention Emily DEllo … I don’t know … But whatever it is, it seems to be offering £6 million for any info on this Emily Turner and her baby… What would be most valuable to them: Emily or her baby?

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