2 thoughts on “The Speech That Killed JFK”

  1. i dont think this is what got him killed more than the 4.2 billion US Treasury dollars that he printed to pay off the countries debt and bypass the fed. There were alot of reasons that contributed to his death but I admire his moxy to stand up for this country. The last great president indeed!!!

  2. Well, for me, nothing is really out of the ordinary of his assasination. Someone just hated him very much for what he represents and what he had done. He is not really a very great guy. He had done many wrongs that people just tend to ignore, well except by the people affected by it. It might even be said that the people’s adoration made this angry people hate him more. After all, how could he be that admired when they had suffered greatly? It’s like putting salt on your wounds.

    Hatred for the president is always present no matter how well other people perceive him to be (and he is not for me that great, though he is very eloquent, kinda like Bill Clinton). The situation of the nation after his death is much a disaster too. It only means that there is trouble from the start that his presence somehow hides (probably intentionally) and was unleashed in his death. And for me he had set a precedent of making people choose based, not according to substance, but charms and smooth talk and popularity.

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