Russia Set To Unlock Mystery Of Lake Vostok

A Team of Russian scientists is set to penetrate Lake Vostok in Antarctica.  They are battling some of the most horrendous weather conditions known to man. Vostok station has the distinction of setting the record for the coldest day on record. If the Russians are successful, they will have access to one of the biggest lakes in the world. Lake Vostok lies some 1000 meters under the Antarctic ice. What do you think lies in the depths of Lake Vostok?

3 thoughts on “Russia Set To Unlock Mystery Of Lake Vostok”

  1. I would suspect that this is going to be, or has already been, (re-)discovered as being the Hollow Earth entrance. Take a look at the images on this page: , purportedly from WWII German explorers. They very clearly show their exploration under the ice and what appears to be an opening beneath the massive icepack. There is even suspicion that many German U-boats were seen leaving docks all over the world before the end of WWII, and many suspect that their final destinations were the many Hollow Earth openings.

    Hope that helps!

    1. This is very interesting, Dan. We’re gonna do some poking around about it and look for some articles up soon. Thanks so much.

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