North Koreans Say There was a Magical Glow in the Sky the Day Kim Jong-Il Died

Kim Jong Il visits his birthplace.

That’s right, folks, for those of you who don’t understand the way North Korea’s hero worship for their fallen leader works, sources now say that a strong snowstorm paused and the sky glowed red above Mount Paektu just before the death of Kim Jong Il. Furthermore, volcanic Lake Chon had its ice crack violently. In the city of Hamhung, a Manchurian crane circled a statue of Kim’s father, Kim Il Sung, and then drooped its head before taking off.
These legends correspond with similar ones related to Kim Jong Il’s birth. He was supposedly born on Mount Paektu, and the rumor is that a double rainbow sprang across the sky when he came into the world.
Must have been a helluva guy, huh?