Joe Paterno Didn’t Want to Interfere with Weekends…Sandusky Introduces Hygiene Defense

Today, college football coaching legend Joe Paterno’s voice was heard for the first time on his role in the terrible Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.  His testimony was delivered in a written statement because he was unable to appear in person due to health problems.  In his statement, JoePa revealed that he was very much aware that an incident had occurred between Sandusky and a child in the locker room showers and that he did understand that it was of a sexual nature.  He waited until the following Monday to take it up with his superiors because, in his own words, he didn’t want to “interfere with their weekends.”

It’s shocking that he would even make such an absurd statement in a court of law, although by its very nature it certainly must be the truth.  Jerry Sandusky was sodomizing a young boy in the shower at Penn State University, and Joe Paterno was concerned about bothering his superiors on their weekend?  That is astounding.

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers cooked up a new excuse for why old Jerry might be taking showers with little boys in the first place.  He was teaching them hygiene.  According to his lawyers, Sandusky dealt with a lot of troubled youths from broken homes and other bad situations and they often had bad hygiene habits as a result.  Being the great teacher that he was, Mr. Sandusky took it upon himself to show them the way by demonstrating firsthand how to properly use the shower.  Well, that clears it up.

In my opinion, Sandusky’s lawyers are probably doing all of this so they can try to enter some sort of insanity defense on his behalf.  The very idea that he would now say that what he was doing was okay because he was teaching the boys proper hygiene habits is so crazy that maybe the old goat is insane.  In any case, I think the majority of the American public can agree that even if this were the case, the actions were far from appropriate.