Has Global Warming Killed the Concept of a White Christmas?

Game over, buddy...

Our good friends over at Four Green Steps weighed in on your chances of having a White Christmas this year, or any year for that matter.  According to their figures, which are completely uncorroborated by factual sources (imagine that?), the chances of waking up to a white Christmas has consistently been on the decline for 50 years now in the northern hemisphere.  FGS says that obviously this is due to climate change.  They also go on to say that this will continue for the latter half of this century we’re in (no word on what happens from now until the latter half), according to “researchers and meteorologists around the world.”  That’s right.  Every one of them agrees that in the latter half of this century, the decline will continue.

The article goes on to point out that young people are jittery about this as the holiday tradition of dreaming of a white Christmas may soon be a pipe dream in the latter half of this century.

Dream a little harder, FGS says, because a white Christmas is about to be a thing of the past.

Start living green.  Stop the pollution.  Stop harming our Earth.  Make a change so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can have a chance at a white Christmas one day.

Most of all, keep visiting FGS and reading about it, filling their pocketbooks.

Now that’s the real green routine…green dollars.