Genetic Modification is Everywhere — Buzzing Around You and Inside You

Look who is preparing your food...

Scientists all over the world have been working feverishly to genetically modify a wide variety of normal household fruits and vegetables for an even wider variety of reasons.  Advances in science at the molecular level are literally allowing scientists to “play God” with our planet’s products.  The reasons are usually financial at the end of the day.  Some plants are genetically engineered to be more resistant to disease, herbicide, or even drought.  That’s right.  Scientists are actually finding ways to make classic vegetables and fruit retain water so that they can continue to yield good harvests even in the midst of a drought.

So what’s the problem?  The problem is that there is simply not enough conclusive evidence as to how these genetically modified creations interact with the human body.  There are scientists that are against genetic modification that believe that it will only lead to all new, more dangerous strains of disease developing that could eventually be a severe threat to the human population.  There are also many philosophical objections.

Plants and animals have always been two distinct classes of life here on earth.  However, part of the genetic modification movement has scientists taking genes from animals and inserting it into plants so that the plants take on some of the animals’ resistances.  They are literally taking a molecular piece of an animal and placing it inside vegetables and fruits as a means of making it take on some of the animal’s characteristics.  Slowly but surely, they are changing the dynamics of life itself.

Other growing concerns include the fact that many manufacturers of fruits and vegetables are taking advantages of this new technology to make more profit, but they don’t necessarily let you, the consumer, know that the products you are purchasing have been genetically modified.  Right now, the United States does not require manufacturers to reveal this in nutritional labeling, although the legislation has been introduced in Congress unsuccessfully.  Another example of lobbyists taking over the country.  These manufacturers are making more profit and they don’t want having to reveal how they are doing it to affect their bottom line.  You can rest assured they breathe the right money into the right causes to make sure that the United States government continues to see it their way.

If that’s not enough, Bill Gates breathed millions into research about genetically-modified mosquitoes.  They are designed to kill other mosquitoes  before they reach adulthood through their engineering.  We will look at them in

Not even these little bloodsuckers are natural these days.

detail in another article.  The real problem is that the only way to know for sure if the little mosquito mutants worked was to release these babies into the wild.  So, they did.  Approximately 19,000 were released in the Grand Cayman Islands in 2009.  The only concern here is the simple fact that you can’t un-release them.  They are out there now, and we all know that once they are released, they are now a part of this Earth and little can be done about it.  Sometimes it seems like a heck of a risk to take.

Over 30,000 crops have been genetically modified in some way.  In the United States, there is absolutely no regulation at this time regarding this practice.  It is a virtual certainty that unless you grow your crops yourself you entire life, every person in the United States has probably consumed genetically modified products at some time or another.

So, what do you think of scientists’ playing God?  Had enough yet?  We’ll leave you with a quote from Richard Lacey: Professor of Food Safety, Leeds University…

“The fact is, it is virtually impossible to even conceive of a testing procedure to assess the health effects of genetically engineered foods when introduced into the food chain, nor is there any valid nutritional or public interest reason for their introduction.”

A great listing of different foods that have been genetically modified so far can be found here.