Free Internet Has a Price — The Final Frontier of the New World Order

Just say yes to free internet!

There is one thing that makes organizations like Bilderberg and the government shake in there boots.  No, it’s not unorganized, mass protests like the wildly popular Occupy movement.  These don’t even show up on the radar of those that are propagating the New World Order doctrine.  What do those with the globalist agenda have nightmares about as they lie in their beds at night, dreaming of world domination?  Easy.  You’re looking at it.  The internet.

It is the last battalion of free speech in our world.  The internet is still wholly un-moderated.  People can express their opinions about anything at all anytime they like.  They can do this with relative anonymity.  They can do it through blog posts, Twitter accounts, Facebook statuses, and message forums.  They can access data according to their liking, bypassing the spoon-fed, agenda-pushing national media, looking for truth.  It’s a place where anyone can have a soapbox and potentially reach thousands, if not millions, of people.

It is possibly the biggest blunder of the New World Order movement.  The internet as we know it was created by the government after all.  Al Gore has long tried to take his piece of the pie for the “creation of the internets,” whatever that means.  However, the reality is that the government never dreamed that the internet could grow by the leaps and bounds that it has.  They never in their wildest nightmare thought of it as a vehicle for free speech to permeate all the continents.  They never imagined that people would be smart enough to harness its power, not only in an intellectual sense, but in a financial one.  The internet has changed the world and is the government’s own Achilles’ Heel.  They have inadvertently built a network that has empowered you and me to do the very things that they so desperately want to control and stamp out.  Don’t worry, globalist friends.  There is a plan.  It is taking shape and will move to the forefront over the next several years, in tandem with several other events.  While the New World Order may have bungled this one initially, they know exactly how to get it back.  And it is already in its formulative stages.

The public outcry that would come if the government seized control of the internet by force would probably be unprecedented.  In fact, it may be one of the few things that could polarize the United States enough to plunge it into another civil war.  Bilderberg, and others like them, are well aware of this.  Remember, the ultimate goal of the New World Order is not to forcibly take over the world, but to do so by getting each and every one of us to buy in to the system.  For example, the prediction of the uniting of the North American countries… they won’t do something like that on a whim.  They won’t risk pissing off the populace.  What they want is for everyone to join hands and see that uniting Canada, the United States, and Mexico is the only good, viable option to stabilize the economy, end our immigration woes, and return the continent to the forefront internationally.  The stage is already being set for this, but that is the topic for another article.  The point is to illustrate how the globalist agenda works, right down to the nuts and bolts.  This is not a Napoleon-like domination of the world.  It is a sleek, sophisticated movement that wants to approach us with the voice of Saruman, a smooth-as-silk voice, tinged with honey, that promises a better world and a better everyday existence for each and every one of us.  Just come on in, embrace it, and it can all be reality.  Some of us on the outside like to refer to it as Kool-Aid.  But what is Kool-Aid?  It’s a sugar-filled, refreshing drink…but with no nourishment.  No nutrients.  It leaves a good taste in your mouth, just long enough for you to ask for another glass.

So what the hell does this have to do with the internet, you ask?  We at Common Sense Conspiracy are more than happy to oblige you.  Thinking on their feet, the globalist movement has developed a plan to seize the internet and control every last kilobyte of it.  How, you ask?  By getting you to agree to it.  But I would never agree to give up my free, happy internet, you say.  Sure you will.  You’ll have no choice.

President Obama has set the groundwork for the “free internet” movement.  He has publicly expressed his views that the internet should be free and accessible to everyone.  The reasons they list is that they eventually want to use the internet as a government vehicle, envisioning a day where even the election takes place completely online.  Imagine how many more people would vote if it were as simple as answering an email.  This is only a ruse… what they really want is to regain control of something they should have never lost control of.  The plan is simple:  hit us in the pocketbook.  The government is always a big fan of this, but it’s different this time around.  They don’t want to hit you in the pocketbook in a negative way…they want to hit you in a positive one.

What if your taxpayer dollars allowed them to build a wonderful system where WiFi was available anywhere anytime?  And what if they put all the internet providers out of business by offering it for free?  That’s right.  Internet access becomes a  right of being an American citizen.  No longer a luxury, but as common as a television or telephone.  They make it fast, fast as lightning.  Many of you computer-savvy readers probably know that the United States is terribly behind in terms of internet speed.  Countries in Europe average 10 to 20 times our speed via cable, fiber optics, and DSL connections.  They will entice us with a free, government-sponsored network that is faster than ever, and what’s more, free.  Internet providers will be flushed out because they cannot possibly compete with that price point.  It will benefit the economy, they will tell us, as everyone sees hundreds of dollars put back in their pocket in what they pay for internet service.  Even the most rural areas will suddenly have access to the world outside.  The government will run more efficiently with the electronic means to reach the masses instantly.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone, right?

The only problem is that everyone will have no choice but to embrace it.  And then, at last, they will control the internet.  Completely.

Keep your eyes open, people.  Your keyboards and mouses may be the last frontier that they don’t have control of.  Yet.

President Obama addressed the United Nations, declaring that broadband internet access should be a basic human right.  They have invested $400 million in expanding networks to every corner of the United States.  Get ready to lose your soapbox.