Conspiracy Theories about Kim Jong Il’s Death: A Rundown

As one of the original members of George W. Bush’s world-famous “Axis of Evil” suffers the loss of its dictator, the conspiracy theories are swirling with fervor.  There’s a good reason for this.  For starters, Kim Jong-Il kept his country so isolated from the rest of the world that there is very few windows into the other planet that is North Korea.  The only reason we common folks even know that Kim Jong-Il is dead is because the North Korean state media has chosen to tell us so.  If ever there were a situation ripe for some conspiracy fodder, this is certainly it.  So, in an effort to get everyone on the same page as the bullets begin to fly, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to take a moment to examine some already prolific theories about the death of Kim Jong-Il.

1.  He was already dead.  Actually, this has been circulating around for years.  In 2003, it was widely theorized that Kim Jong-Il died as a result of his lifelong bout with epilepsy.  His failure to appear at the Olympics only fueled this one.  Once again, in 2008, reports surfaced saying that Kim Jong-Il had died from a massive stroke.  Of course, the North Korean state media denies both of these instances.  There was never a lot of evidence to any of these theories in the past, and the fact that the state media is announcing his death now seems to make it less likely that they have been leading us on for almost a decade.  But who knows?  Maybe he died in 2003 and because his son would have only been in his early twenties at the time, the government thought they had to keep the guise that Kim Jong-Il was alive until his heir had time to mature.  If this is the case, that is real loyalty…if ever there were a time for someone else to rise up and take over North Korea, that would have been it.  The fact that Kim Jong-Il’s dictatorship remained in place seems to point to that this is one of those “sometimes it is what it is” situations.

2.  He’s not dead now.  Once again, the North Korean state media is the only source we have.  There is no way to make sure that Kim Jong-Il is really dead.  You can bet that either way it goes they will not be allowing us any opportunity to investigate further.  Perhaps he is still alive and now wishes to monitor the first few years of his son’s rule and make sure that he is up to the task.  Or maybe his health has declined to the point that he is not capable of ruling the country any longer, but pride won’t let him admit it.  There are a hundred theories we could come up with for why Kim Jong-Il might fake his own death, but at the end of the day, there’s no way to prove it.

3.  The CIA killed him.  There are many out there that think the timing of all of these dictators either falling ill or dying in the same year is awfully coincidental.  Remember Chavez’s battle for his life in Venezuela.  Fidel Castro has long been reported to be on his deathbed.  Osama bin Laden finally gets the ax after all these years.  Was Kim Jong-Il simply the next on the list?  If so, watch out Iran.

4.  Kim Jong-Il’s death is timed with the Iraq withdrawal to turn world attention elsewhere as Israel prepares to attack Iran.  The problem with this theory is that it’s hard to see the connection as far as how it could have been perpetrated.  To believe this, you almost have to believe #3, that we assassinated Kim Jong-Il and they won’t reveal the real details to the rest of the world.  Or to their own people.

This only scratches the surface on the possibilities, and there is no doubt that many more conspiracy theories surrounding Kim Jong-Il’s death will spring up regularly over the next days and weeks.  While there doesn’t seem to be much evidence available to lend a lot of credence to any of these theories at this time, Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor and research and let you know the real dirt.