Can BPA Make You Gay? Born That Way or Product of the Environment? Three Gay Mice

Scientists have found that mice exposed to BPA exhibit homosexual tendencies.

A simple walk down your local grocery store’s aisles will no doubt leave you a veteran to the current war on BPA.  BPA is an abbreviation for a chemical called Bisphenol A.  It is commonly used in canned foods and plastic containers and has been the subject of much speculation about its effects on humans the past few years.  This has lead to the BPA-free movement; check out water bottles and the like at your local grocer.  You will easily find bottles that tout themselves as BPA-free.  However, BPA is just as prevalent in canned goods as it is in plastic bottles, but few canned goods manufacturers have made any effort to eliminate BPA from their products.

Up until just recently, BPA was considered to be a possible toxic substance, especially damning for those in the early stages of development.  For this reason, many countries, including Canada and the European Union, permanently banned the inclusion of Bisphenol A in baby bottles.  The United States has instituted no such ban, even as the Center for Disease Control admits in it’s own report on BPA that it could be harmful.  View the CDC’s own report on the possible harmful effects of BPA here.

Raise the ante.  A new study in the United States that has been released to the public indicates that laboratory tests on mice reveal that BPA consumption causes male mice to function more like females.  Furthermore, observations indicate that female mice are less likely to want to mate with BPA-exposed male mice.  The mice appear normal and don’t act obviously different than other mice.  However, the females do not seek them out as potential mates, somehow cognitively aware of their “malfunction.”  This has lead to rampant speculation that BPA in cans and plastic bottles can actually make people gay.

So, Common Sense Conspiracy took our usual spin around the internet to see what was the public’s attitude about these findings.  To our surprise, gay message boards were lit up with discussion about the possibility that BPA is making people gay.  All of a sudden, the “born that way” debate is getting a spin.  But, as our loyalists know, we at Common Sense Conspiracy pride ourselves on filtering through the bullshit.  And our bullshit alarm went up heavy on this one.

Problem #1:  If BPA is what “makes” people gay, then how were there gay people in eras long before plastic and canned goods were developed?  Hmm…big hole in the BPA-gay theory, isn’t it?  Homosexuality is nothing new among the human race…there is plenty of historical documentation, including the Bible, to indicate that gay people have always been a part of the human race and most likely always will be.  While it is conceivable that BPA might increase a person’s propensity to be gay, there is no reason to think that it is a root cause in and of itself.

Problem #2:  Disregarding Problem #1, let’s assume that BPA is capable of making a person lean towards a homosexual lifestyle.  For decades, children in the United States have literally been birthed on canned goods and plastic bottles.  To this day, there is no regulation in the United States about baby bottles using BPA in their production.  Some are eliminating BPA to stay ahead of public opinion and remain competitive, but this is only a recent diversion.  Not only are baby bottles in the last several decades made with BPA, but baby milk is distributed in cans!  Then there’s all the other sources of BPA that we are exposed to day in and day out…canned vegetables, tomato sauce, Chef Boyardee, and virtually any microwave meal distributed in a plastic container.  BPA has been all around us.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that if BPA made people gay, there would be a lot more gay people.  Another problem with BPA Makes You Gay movement.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy want to make it abundantly clear that we welcome our gay brothers and sisters here at our site and encourage their participation.  We in no way, shape, or form discriminate against those that engage in a homosexual lifestyle, but we do have a problem with scientific findings that make no sense.  Now, if you want to have a spirited debate about whether BPA has been linked to causing cancer, that is a much different (and more grave) topic.  We intend to post a lot of information on this aspect of BPA in the future.  But, for now, BPA is not a “smoking gun” for the gay debate.  Anyone that thinks so needs to check their facts.

Sometimes, my friends, it is what it is.

11 thoughts on “Can BPA Make You Gay? Born That Way or Product of the Environment? Three Gay Mice”

  1. I havn’t read this entire thread… but I am aware of Bpa… and want to respond to the 1st point you made

    “Problem #1: If BPA is what “makes” people gay, then how were there gay people in eras long before plastic and canned goods were developed?”

    That is a Logical fallacy in itself….. it is the equivalent of saying
    How does smoking Cause Cancer? there were people with cancer long before smokes came about….

    It is not that BPA is responsible for Homosexuality…. but it does indeed contribute according to a recent study

    BPA has now been shown to cause sexually dimorphic behavior in male rats and monkeys (essentially causing males to act like females) One study documented homosexuality in monkeys exposed to BPA.

  2. I think there are more gays currently than there were in previous centuries when plastic was unavailable. Although hormone disruptors, such as BPA, may not be the sole cause or the most common cause of homosexuality, there is enough evidence to try our best to avoid the chemical. That’s the more common sense conclusion.

  3. You have to remember the reason why they’re call homosexuals ‘gay’ is because they have such a high rate of manic depression. They can be the life and soul of the party one minute and suicidal the next.

    This all sounds like an endocrinology problem.

    I remember sitting next to one on the train. You could tell just by the way he behaved that he was one. The next minute he was putting on some type of lip stick.

    Clear something is not right.

    This is all before we come to the dysfunctional sexual behavior, where they use each others anus as a make shift vigina.

  4. Whilst you argue it can’t be a smoking gun I believe quite the contrary as a previous post/comment made!

    It has clearly increased the likelihood of becoming “gay” for one!

    Secondly that it could also largely be when the chemical is induced in conjunction with other toxins dumped in our foods and fluoride even in drinking water!

    Thirdly I believe that it’s also likely for the cause of so many of the society “accepting” gays as normal and “gay” marriage/adoption etc which any heterosexual in the past would not condone such things any any way but seems that the general population’s way of thinking could have been affected in the same way but just not to the point of actually turning gay but enough to say “it’s ok” and accept when otherwise they wouldn’t if they weren’t BPA affected in conjunction with a whole range of other toxins in our food/water supply!

    1. The author said the BPA connection is not “grave.” I beg to differ. It is grave because birth rates will decrease. Also, statistics dictate that 40% of children are FATHERLESS! When girls get pregnant, is BPA getting in the way of assuming the traditional role of father and husband? What happens to the children? Some percentage will end up in jail…this is grave. Lastly, has the entire U.S. flipped? Is it now politically incorrect to explore the possibility that BPA in our food (SURVEY A GROCERY STORE AND NOTE 90% OF OUR FOOD IS HOUSED IN PLASTIC) could be feminizing our male population? So many repricussions to include protecting the U.S. from foreign agression. Putin must not eat out of plastic. May the military with the most testosterone win because that’s what keeps them from crying when uncomfortable–which war is. Maybe BPA is a government or one world plot to feminize all males so war goes away. Maybe it’s a good idea.

  5. Your article does not prove that BPA is not a contributing factor in male sexual orientation and is merely speculative. I agree with the other posters that BPA may not be the sole causative factor, but a contributing factor. Just the fact there appears to be more gay men these days has to raise questions about the relationship to BPA. There are other hormone disrupters as well including some pathogens such as the Borrelia spirochete, heavy marijuana use among pregnant females, heavy metals such as Mercury Amalgam fillings or even mineral deficiencies such as a lack of iodine. It has been reported that men who use a wireless laptop on their laps have been rendered sterile. I believe this is a complex issue with many contributing factors. It is proven that a polluted environment can have an estrogenic effect on humans, so it is not a big leap to see a relationship between BPA and effeminate males. I am convinced all of these factors play a role in the disruption of Hormones. A polluted environment and food supplies loaded with pesticides and GMO, can’t be doing any of us any good, that may also explain the surge in Autism spectrum disorder ADD and ADHD.

  6. in france now BPA is going to get banned from every store (limit date is 2015) because of hormonal problem that can cause.

  7. BPA is one component in the chemical mixture contributing to the increasing number of homosexuals. Add to it herbicides like atrazine, extensive use of soybean products, and chemicals and prescription drugs in drinking water.

  8. Add to this the effects of toxoplasma gondii pertaining to “behavior modification” and there may be some argument for increased research and attention to allegations that this is a medical phenomena. You can find out more about that by doing a Google search……

  9. The things is that in this point is specukative if it’s increasing the likehood od homosexuality, and how much it impacts. Considering that “there are more gays now” (actually more self-identified gays only people by themselves can agree or not if they have this sexual orientation) and looking BPA as the causal is playing to be dumb when not co sidering many other things like laws and medical support, a much more kiberal society (in lots of ways); communication advances; much more education.

    And even if BPA may raise the likehood of a person to identify himself as gay (probably a very small impact in humans), it doesn’t impact the weight of all the scientific studies regarding to understand if homosexuality is ok for the people who are.

    % of gay people is still very very very small compared with the rest of population, while all of people have used BPA.

    And the movement of gay rights actually started way before BPA became mainstream.

    The conclution is that, even if this was true, a small impact because hormonak disbalance, doesn’t change anything when there’s so many people that were going to be gay anyway and the fact that it’s a normal variation of human sexuality.

  10. Dont forget about humans thinking that they ‘above’ their nature and have free choice and probably explored these facts all over time thinking that they could make babies by crossing swords but always had to come back from that (except they have science now todo the job) … also x-rays have been used as a cosmetic treatment for a litle while after they were invented , and since the late 50’s we have been throwing lots of satalites in the air plus the ozon layer is getting thinner ….

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