A Special Holiday Message from Common Sense Conspiracy

It’s a rough world out there.  We have comets striking the sun, rogue planets re-entering the solar system, a New World Order trying to take over our lives, a bird flu virus threatening to decrease the world population, an election that will consist of complete degenerates on both sides, the threat of a new war with Iran, the death of dictators, Occupy protesters clogging Manhattan, planets just like ours being found around other stars, UFO’s being hauled down the highway, genetically modified food, the diminishing value of the dollar, an economy that no one can decide if it is getting better or worse, a stock market as fragile as eggshells, global warming, microchips being implanted in our bodies, and the end of the world coming up in 2012.

The good news:  there is still some good in the world.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy wish you all a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you might subscribe to.  It’s a time to enjoy being with our family and loved ones, and even Bilderberg hasn’t come up with a way to screw it up yet.

Thanks for reading and come back soon…