2011 Conspiracy Year in Review: A Look Back at Conspiracy-Driven News of the Year

Well, another year has come and gone, and it is time for Common Sense Conspiracy to take a moment to look back on some of the highlights of the year from a conspiracy theorists’ point of view.  So, without further ado, it’s our annual refresher course on the 2011’s hottest news items.

January 2011 – In the United States, perhaps the hottest conspiracy theory going in early 2011 was the controversy surrounding one Cam Newton who would soon be leading the Auburn Tigers college football team to a national championship amid a storm of allegations that he was paid to play.  That was small potatoes on the world scene, however.  In Tunisia, the first domino of a wave of change was about to be knocked over.  The Tunisian Revolution actually began in December of 2010, but in January, it was successful, with the Tunisian people rising up and ousting President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from office.   The longtime embattled dictator cut his losses and fled to Saudi Arabia, ending 23 years of rule.  However, this would only be the beginning of a movement that would spread not only in Africa, but on into Europe, and eventually, the United States itself.

February 2011 –  The dominoes continued to fall.  President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt handed over power to the military after eighteen increasingly violent days of massive protest.  However, the scene in Egypt wouldn’t

Egypt rises up and has enough.

improve much, as you will see later on in our year in review.  Still, the revolution bug was spreading in the Middle East at a dizzying rate, and the conspiracies surrounding it, namely the New World Order, were being spun in overdrive.  In other news, Christchurch, New Zealand would suffer a massive earthquake that would be a vicious harbinger of things to come, and incidentally, the first rallying point for the Comet Elenin theories.  Comet Elenin would dominate the conspiracy theory charts as it approached its super-alignment in November.  For the citizens of Christchurch, this quake would only be the beginning, albeit a deadly one, with 161 confirmed dead.

Words cannot describe these terrifying images in Japan.

March 2011 – A 9.0-magnitude earthquake unleashes an epic tsunami on Japan, leaving 23,000 people dead.  Furthermore, 80,000 residents are forced to abandon their homes as the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant degenerates into the worst nuclear disaster the world had seen since Chernobyl.  Once again, the Comet Elenin fear-mongerers were working overtime, linking the massive disaster to alignments and other such galactic happenings, even branching out to the theory that a rogue planet, Nibiru, was re-entering the solar system.  Another oceanic earthquake would follow, sending a tsunami barreling toward Hawaii, the first time in recorded history a tsunami would affect the United States.  The nation watched breathlessly as Hawaiians headed for high land, but, thankfully, the tsunami was nowhere near the event that the Japanese one was.  Tucked away in the background, military operations by the United States and Great Britain began in Libya, enforcing a no-fly-zone against the African country and setting the stage for what would come later.

April 2011 – Disaster hit home in the United States as an epic tornado outbreak of historic proportions left an unprecedented trail of devastation.  Alabama residents witnessed mass destruction and casualties in what would easily be the worst tornado outbreak ever, with over 100 tornadoes recorded on the same day.  Even as President Obama toured the destruction, the media shifted to the Royal Wedding, as Kate Middleton rose from relative obscurity to become a real, live princess.  This brought up a lot of reminiscing about Princess Diana, not to mention plenty of theories about her death.

May 2011 – The United States government and Al-Queda would finally agree on something.  Osama bin Laden was dead.  A Navy Seal mission finally brought the terrorist mastermind to his death, but in the events following, conspiracy theories arose rampantly.  The United States government buried bin Laden at sea and refused to show incontrovertible proof of his death.  Many believed that he was killed way before then or, naturally, that he might still be alive.  Meanwhile, Joplin, Missouri would be practically wiped off the map in another massive tornado less than a month after the historic outbreak of April 27.

The death of Osama bin Laden is confirmed.

France’s leader of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is arrested in the United States on suspicion of sex crimes.  However, the charges would eventually be dropped as the victim’s credibility was brought into question.

June 2011 – A deadly e. Coli outbreak leaves over 50 people dead in Europe and over 3,000 sickened.   Meanwhile, Osama bin Laden’s longtime deputy Ayman al-Zawahri takes control of al-Qaida, an anticipated move for the clandestine terrorist organization.  In Greece, there are riots in the streets as the government passes a twilight resolution to avoid defaulting.  However, this would do little to help the overall picture of Greece’s economic position.

July 2011 – South Sudan becomes a country, finally recognized internationally after a 50-year struggle for independence.  Meanwhile, a huge phone-hacking scandal leaves one of Britain’s most prolific newspapers going offline for good.  In Somalia, the worst famine in a generation leaves tens of thousands of people dying from starvation.  The United States ends its policies about not distributing aid in Al-Queda controlled areas to provide some help to the affected regions.  On July 22, Norway, normally a peaceful nation, is rocked by a gunman opening fire and killing 77 innocent people.  Conspiracy theories spring up everywhere, questioning the Norwegian police response and the motives for the mass shooting.

August 2011 – 30 American Navy Seals are shot down in a single incident in Afghanistan.  Riots erupt in London, leaving hundreds charged with violent crimes and civil disobedience.  Libyan rebels advanced into Tripoli as Gadhafi’s decades of rule seemed to crumble overnight.  Meanwhile, August is christened the deadliest month for American troops of the entire wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.

September 2011 – Comet Elenin theories still dominate the conspiracy landscape, but the chatter subsides on September 11, 2011, when the world commemorated the ten-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.  Theories that the attack was a false-flag operation continue on with as much audacity as ever, and the anniversary only serves to stir up memories of an event that literally changed the course of history for the United States and the world.

October 2011 – Amanda Knox was cleared of murder in Italy while Gadhafi would be killed in the streets, the crowning moment of the revolution underway in Libya.  Massive earthquakes in Turkey would continue the Comet Elenin outrage as the most anticipated alignment approached.  Meanwhile, the Earth welcomed it’s seven-billionth resident.

November 2011 – Italy gets a new prime minister as the wave of change continues to expand.  Days later, the president of Yemen agrees to step down, facing the same massive protests of Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.  Meanwhile, Syria, experiencing the same unrest, cracks down and death tolls spiral out of control as the heavy-handed military look to quell the rebellion.  Comet Elenin disintegrates unexpectedly, just before its supposed biggest alignment of all.  Conspiracy theories still reference Elenin all the time, but the comet is history.

December 2011 – With Elenin behind us, Comet Lovejoy launches a surprise attack, surviving a close skirmish with our Sun that surprised NASA as much as it surprised us.  Meanwhile, the Iraqi withdrawal was completed.  The Iranians claimed a small victory as they confiscated a United States’ unmanned drone craft in their airspace.  Manuel Noriega, still imprisoned, sets foot on Panamanian soil for the first time in 22 years.  Iran threatens the U.S. and the rest of the world with its intentions to close the Persian Gulf off and stop the flow of oil.  Hugo Chavez accuses the United States of using tactics to cause Latin American leaders to get cancer.  And last, but not least, college football does it again, rounding it out with conspiracy theories abound as two teams from the same conference and division square off in the most controversial national championship game ever.

Of course, this list doesn’t do it all justice.  But, as we set our sights on 2012, there is one thing that is for certain…new conspiracies are just around the corner.

Thanks for reading and we at Common Sense Conspiracy wish all of you a Happy New Year… despite the 2012 apocalypse to come…