Support Waning for ObamaCare — The Science Behind an Unpopular Agenda and Bilderberg

Have you ever wondered to yourself why a sitting president still seeking a potential second term would propose a hugely unpopular agenda?  Well, we at Common Sense Conspiracy wondered the same thing, and this article is about the reasons that this seems to happen over and over again and how it ties into the epic conspiracy theory that is the New World Order.

The question is why would a politician commit “political suicide?”  And why do they still win elections after it is committed?  Case in point number one.  George W. Bush.  The decision to invade Iraq was heavily protested.  As the war raged on, the reasons that were given for its beginning came up empty.  No weapons of mass destruction.  No smoking gun.  One dead Saddam Hussein to go please.  What followed was the continual occupation of Iraq that did nothing but enrage the public sentiment against Bush.  Yes, the economy got chalked up to Bush too, but arguably, the most resounding image of Bush’s presidency will be him standing in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner on a warship, declaring the Iraq War, which would go on for years, and is still in fact going on, was over.  But why?  Why go to such great lengths to push forth an agenda that was so unpopular with the people?  And why did they elect him for a second term?

Flash forward to the here and now.  President Barack Obama gets elected on the idea of change and positivity.  What does he do first?  He dives headlong into propagating the idea of national healthcare, unpopular even in his own party.  As public opinion fades, he still pushes it.  And pushes it.  And pushes it.  Why?

Easy one.  Enter Bilderberg.  Enter the New World Order.

Let’s embark on the timeline of a presidential candidate.

They rise to fame and fortune.  The public becomes aware of them and either gets behind them or doesn’t.  Then, these rising stars are whisked away on a secret meeting to Bilderberg where they are analyzed.  Are they the right material?  And then they run campaigns with agendas, promises, and mostly, lies.  Bilderberg is always looking for that charismatic figure, the one that will be able to convince the people to go along with an unpopular plan, a plan that chips away at just a little more of their freedom.  Barack Obama was their man.

They put their strong shoulder at his back, putting the financial resources that no one here can even fathom at his disposal.  They tell him he will be the one to bring about change.  They tout him as an inspirational leader.  Then, on a sunny inauguration day, someone like Barack Obama goes into the situation room where the big bad nameless men tell him what is really going to happen.

The agenda.  This time it was health care.  You push it, Barack.  You push it no matter what.  Don’t stop.  We’ll take care of you.  Watch out you don’t get killed.  See JFK for reference.

Hey George.  They got nukes over there.  Great story.  Make up for where Daddy failed.  They’ll love you forever.  Take out the evil dictator.  Get the bad guys.  Just go with the plan, Georgie.  Don’t mess with it and we’ll let those oil drills keep right on churning.

We could sit here all night and trace this back through history, but the good news is we have plenty of time in future posts.

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