Success of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Underscores the Healthy Curiosity of Americans

As Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura gears up for its third season, we wanted to take a moment to point out that the success of this truTV program demonstrates that many Americans are interested in conspiracies and want to know what is really going on beneath the surface of what the media, and our government, are telling them.  Conspiracy theories are alive and well, with everything from UFO’s to police state predictions to 9/11 false-flag theories to 2012 apocalypse fears.  And we at Common Sense Conspiracy couldn’t be happier.

While we’re not ready to 100% advocate the television program, we do believe that Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is a refreshing change from what used to be the only sources of conspiracy theories, like our good friend Alex Jones.  The popularity of a show like this in the mainstream really helps alleviate the stigma that goes with conspiracy theorists in society.  Slowly but surely, people are opening their eyes, and that can’t not be a good thing.  And as they navigate the mountains of conspiracy chatter out there on the internet, we hope they will all eventually land here at Common Sense Conspiracy, the one site they can bookmark and throw away all the others.