Mysterious Structures in Chinese Desert Attract International Intrigue

Google Earth images revealed very strange markings at least 3,000-feet wide in the Chinese desert that as of yet, no one seems to have a clue what it consists of.  More disturbing is that since then, many more have been found.  There has been no explanation for this, leading some to think this is either the remains of an ancient alien civilization that inhabited the desert, or, one that created these structures more recently.

The Chinese government has offered absolutely no response to this.  In fact, it refuses to acknowledge it whatsoever.  The really interesting part (if all that wasn’t enough) is that all of these items were documented by Google Earth.  Google Earth is an excellent application that has mapped much of the civilized world up close.  However, there are many areas that Google Earth cannot zoom in on.  And yet, vast expanses of an uninhabited desert were photographed extensively.  Someone knows something, that’s for sure.  View the entire catalog of pictures below.  Click on any picture to examine it in closer detail.