Megyn Kelly on Pepper Spray: “It’s a Food Product Essentially.”

Who doesn’t like a little pepper on there veggies?  A little fresh ground black pepper on a steak before you throw it on the grill?  All the seasoning power of salt without the nasty health benefits?  Pepper is amazing, really.  How ’bout a little in your face?


4 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly on Pepper Spray: “It’s a Food Product Essentially.””

  1. Pepper spray, though, momemtarily painful and debilitating, is NOT permanantly harmful and is QUITE effective. It’s so safe that all certified law enforcement, security and safety personnel must take a direct shot in the face before being certified to carry it. Oh yeah, and Megyn is correct, it is a tasty herbal seasoning.

    1. Agreed. I put pepper on nearly everything. Love it. Doesn’t kill your heart like salt either. However, the drama here is more about the way the authorities used it in this case. The people were sitting Indian-style in protest. Looks like they coulda just grabbed ’em up, but hey, each to his own?

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