Judge William Adams’ Beating of Daughter — Discipline or Abuse?

William Adams is a judge in Portland, Texas whose daughter Hillary has decided to post videos on YouTube that she recorded without his knowledge of him beating her with a belt when she was sixteen years of age.  Hillary is now 23, and she claims that she released the video to the Internet (which naturally went viral with over 2 million views so far) to try to stop her father from harassing her.  The incident depicted in the video apparently stems from the Judge and Hillary’s mother having realized that she had downloaded some pirated content to their computer.  From the commentary during the beating, it seems that this may have not been the first time Hillary was disciplined for this, but in any case, the chaos that ensues is at the very least disturbing.  Hillary claims that this was a regular event in those years, and her mother, who has since divorced Adams, says that he controlled her and that this was all due to his “addiction.”  She refused to elaborate on what that meant.

WARNING:  This video could be inappropriate for young children.

So, what do you think?  Is this appropriate discipline?  Child abuse?  Is this effective parenting?  We want to hear what you think, as always.
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