Farewell Elenin — Apocalypse Not Now

November 21st was supposed to be the big day.  You know the story.  The comet Elenin was supposed to go into its last legendary alignment, causing untold disasters on Earth.  The theories revolving around this comet have been circulating for months, and all the rampant speculation zeroed in on this one date.

As we close in on November 21st, it’s an ordinary of a night as ever here on Earth.  There is no chatter about Elenin anymore.  It has long been written off as a comet that could have had an effect, but now it is widely reported to have disintegrated.  The more outlandish theories have proven false as well.  The ideas that an alien spacecraft was guiding the comet have not materialized.  The giant planet Nibiru re-entering our solar system has been nothing but a dud.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy have enjoyed reporting on this failed doomsday theory from day one and we are glad to be able to report that the apocalyptic predictions have proven false.  However, we also believe that it is very healthy to have a curiosity about such things, and we promise to keep you updated on the inevitable next space object that becomes the focus of fear-mongerers everywhere.  Until then, farewell comet Elenin.  It was fun.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Elenin — Apocalypse Not Now”

  1. I’m more worried about the doomsday prediction that is meant to occur on December 21 2012. Not because I believe it will happen (maybe it will), but because of the media’s inappropriate reporting of the event that in turn scares, frightens and is potentially causing unnecessary public panic.

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