Elenin’s Last Stand — November 21st Alignment Marks the End, But Will Anyone Admit They Were Wrong?

Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we continue to see a lot of traffic coming from people searching for information on the comet Elenin.  As many of you may recall, the upcoming November 21st date is one of the major alignments that was called for by those beating the Elenin drum for the last couple of years.  However, almost everyone of any scientific importance, including the man who discovered the comet, have said that the comet has mostly disintegrated and that even if there ever was a threat to Earth, it is certainly not in effect now.  As earthquakes continue to rumble the world, some people are still trying to tie the comet to this.  Since then, we even had an asteroid make one of the closest passes an object of its size has ever made to Earth, and yet the comet theories persist.  The real question, however, is will anyone come forward and admit that they were wrong?

“Scientists” like Richard Hoagland were at the forefront of those beating the Elenin drum, and our suggestion is that if this final date passes and nothing occurs, Mr. Hoagland should weigh in with some real insight into why none of his predictions came true.  Even good old Harold Camping, the Rapture predictor, finally conceded that predicting this event was impossible.  He even discouraged others from trying to do it in the future.  While we still think Camping has his issues, we do give him a little credit.  He was wrong, and he admits that.  Will we get a similar concession from Mr. Hoagland?

Richard Hoagland was also on CNN showing the alien face on Mars. Remember this?

We have analyzed the data surrounding this comet from day one here and over and over again we have seen the facts misrepresented to try to lend credibility to the case.  We love conspiracy theories, and we are not condemning someone having a theory or making a suggestion.  What we want to see is these that try to generate fear with their positions own up to it and take responsibility when things don’t go like they thought?  Instead, all too often, they simply jump onto something else, beating the drum for a new celestial object, saying basically that they just had the wrong one…here is the real one.

So, we at Common Sense Conspiracy look forward in the coming days  to putting the comet Elenin behind us.  We hope you do too.